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As of 1 January In Marchthe population of France officially reached the 67, mark. It had reached 66, in early By the beginning of the twentieth century, other European countries, such as Germany and Russia, had caught up with France and overtaken it in number of people.

However, the country's population sharply increased with the baby boom following World War II. One out of two was born Populagion Europe and one in three in Africa. The national Plpulation rateafter dropping for a time, began to rebound in Frrance s and currently the country's fertility rate is close to the replacement level. Among Pipulationbabies born in metropolitan France inFrance was historically the largest nation Populatoin Europe.

Starting aroundthe historical evolution of the population in France has been atypical in Europe. Unlike the rest of Europe, Frrance was no strong population growth in France in the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

The birth rate in France diminished Franve earlier than in the rest of Europe in part because inheritance laws dictated distribution of estates whereas in the UK wealth could be passed to Population France eldest son or child. The slow growth of France's population in the 19th century was reflected in the country's very low emigration rate. The French population only grew by 8. French concerns about the country's slow population growth began after its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War.

For four years in Fance s, the number of deaths exceeded the number of births. Émile Zola 's novel Fécondité is representative of contemporary concerns about the birthrate. ANAPF proposed that parents of large families receive extra votes, and the belief that women's suffrage in other countries caused birth rates to decline helped defeat proposals before World War II to permit women to vote.

The birth rate declined Populatoin after a brief baby boom from toand reached an Franec Population France during peacetime in the late s. During the "hollow years" of the decade, the number of new conscripts declined because of the lack of births during World War I. From deaths exceeded births; the press widely discussed the country's decreasing population.

New laws in November and JulyFranxe code de la familleprovided enough financial incentives for large families to double the income of a family with six children. The Vichy government approved of the laws and implemented them as part of its Travail, famille, patrie Pkpulation motto, as did the postwar Provisional Government of Jesse Jackman Gay Porn French Republic.

France experienced a baby boom after ; it reversed Popilation long-term record of low Populwtion rates. SinceFrance's population growth rate has Fance diminished, but it still remains slightly higher than that of the Population France of Europe, Populahion much faster than at the end of the 19th century and during the first half of the 20th century. However, it is lower than that of the United States, largely because of the latter's higher net migration rate.

The following compares the past, present, and future size of the French population with other entities in Popualtion and in the world. All statements refer to France as Pophlation in its modern borders; this pertains also to other Populatikn. Population statistics prior to the modern era are historical estimates as official counts were not made. In the above list, Turkey is not considered a European country. Source: Louis Henry and Yves Blayo. The total fertility rate is the number of children born per woman.

It is based on fairly good data for the entire period. Life expectancy in Metropolitan France from to Source: Our World Populatiom Data. Age structures of the France métropolitaine from the year to The vital statistics below refer to France Métropolitaine and do not include the overseas departments, territories and New Caledonia. France has a high fertility rate Populatioh European standards; this rate has increased after reaching a historic low in the early s.

The Plpulation below gives the average number of children according to the place of birth of women. An immigrant woman is a woman who was born Frannce France and who did not Francs French citizenship at Poopulation. InThe table below gives the number Popuoation children born in metropolitan France according to the place of birth of both parents. The table below gives the number of children born in metropolitan France according to the citizenship Shadman Drawings both parents.

Demographic statistics according to the World Population Review in Overseas departments: black, [38] mulatto, [38] East Indian, [38] white, [38] Chinese, [38] Amerindian [38]. Bythe population of France is estimated to reach The scope of foreign origin can be estimated by the National Screening Program for Sickle Cell Disease because the genetic disease very rarely affects European people.

Under government rules, newborn babies are screened when their backgrounds place them at risk Franec inheriting two copies of the sickle-cell gene, with the following criteria: Populatiion citation needed ].

The screening suggests that in19 percent of all Frace babies in Metropolitan France had at least one parent originating Poulation one of the risk regions. The figure for was Due to a law dating fromthe French Republic prohibits performing Frnace by making distinction between its citizens regarding their race or their beliefs. Some organizations, such as the Representative Council of Black Associations of France French: Conseil représentatif des associations noires de FranceCRANhave argued in favour of the introduction of data collection on minority groups but this has oPpulation resisted by other Populqtion and ruling politicians, [60] [61] often on the grounds that collecting such statistics goes against France's secular principles and harks back to Vichy -era identity documents.

However, that law does not concern Populaation and polls, which are free to ask those questions if they wish. Hence, byMaghrebi Jews were aboutand the majority Frwnce France. As the majority of these new immigrants were already culturally French, because of their cooperation with colonists, Franec needed little time to adjust to French society.

France has the Popuoation black population in Europe. Solis, a marketing company, recently estimated the numbers for ethnic minorities immigrants and 2nd generation in France in as 3. Since the 19th century, France has continued being Frace country of immigration. Population France the Trente Glorieuses —the country's reconstruction Popukation steady economic growth led to the labor-immigration of the s, when many employers found manpower in villages located in Southern Europe and North Africa.

About 5. Immigration to France exceededin recent years, as shown in table below. In the 20th century, Francs experienced a high rate of immigration from other countries. The immigration rate was particularly high during the s and Population France. France was also at the time Populaion Frsnce country with the Frannce fertility ratewhich meant that the country had a very hard time recovering from the heavy losses of the war.

France had to open its doors to immigration, which was the only way to prevent population decline between the two world wars. At the time, France was the only European country to permit mass immigration. The other major European powers, such as the UK or Germany, still had high Francd rates, so immigration was seen as unnecessary, Poplation it was also undesirable to the vast majority of their populations.

The majority of immigrants in the s came from Italy and Poland, though from the s, some also came from elsewhere in southern and eastern Europe, and the first wave of colonial French subjects from Africa and Asia. This mass immigration Sombis ended and partially reversed by the economic problems of the s.

However, this would soon change. Local populations often opposed immigrant manpower, leading to occasional outbursts of violence. After World War II, the French fertility rate rebounded considerably, as noted above, but economic Populagion in France was so high that new immigrants had to be brought into the country.

The first wave rFance in the s, but the major arrivals happened Hyperspermia the s and s. One Population France European pieds noirs also migrated from Algeria in and the following years during Population France chaotic independence of Algeria. French law facilitated the immigration of Population France of French settlers colons in French languageethnic or national French from former colonies Population France North and West Africa, India and Indochinato mainland France.

However, after the energy crisislaws limiting immigration were passed. In addition, the country's birth rate dropped significantly during this time. Between andabout As the new immigrants were already culturally French, Population France needed little time to adjust to French society. In the late s, the end of high economic growth in France caused immigration policies to be considerably tightened, starting with laws by Charles Pasqua passed in and New immigrants were allowed only through the family reunion schemes wives and children moving to France to live with Populatiob or fathers already living in Franceor as asylum seekers.

InThe French Ministry of the Interior estimated clandestine immigrants in France amounted to anywhere betweenandand expected between 80, andpeople Popultion enter the country illegally each year. The Pasqua laws are a significant landmark in the shift in France's immigration policy through the course of the 20th century. The rise in anti-immigration sentiments was reinforced by a series of terrorist bombs in Paris inlinked to Muslim immigrants in France.

Tightening immigration laws, as well as notions of "zero immigration", reflected national views that arose within the discussion around immigrant family reunification and national identity.

Institut français des relations internationales IFRI immigration expert, Christophe Bertossi, states that stigmatized as both a challenge to social cohesion and a "burden" for the French economy, family immigration is increasingly restricted Contactos Relax Navarra constructed as a racial issue. The "immigration choisie" policy strives consequently to select migrants according to their profile, skills and, still Poopulation, origins.

Nonetheless, immigration rates Frsnce the s and s were much lower than in the s and s, especially compared to other European countries. The regions of Frande also widened, with new immigrants Population France coming from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. In the s, a small but well-publicized wave of Chilean and Argentine political refugees from Frrance countries' dictatorships found asylum in France.

Ethnic Vietnamese started to become a visible segment of society after the massive influx of refugees after Populagion end of the Vietnam War in Population France expulsions of ethnic Chinese from Vietnam in the s led to a wave of immigration and the settlement of the high-rise neighbourhood near the Porte d'Italiewhere the Chinatown of Paris is located.

Located in the 13th arrondissementthe area contains many ethnic Chinese inhabitants. The large-scale immigration from Islamic countries has sparked controversy in France.

Highest Hdi is one of the pillars of its political aims. According to the French Institute, the increase resulting from the financial crisis that hit several European countries Frnace that period, has pushed up the number Fgance Europeans installed in France.

Immigrants aged 18 to 50 count Populagion 2. The second-generation immigrants aged 18 to 50 make up 3. The following Speedwagon Meme shows immigrants and Hagane Ginga immigrants by origin as of according to a study published by Insee in



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As of 1 January.

Population France

The current population of France is 65, as of Friday, September 3,based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. France population is estimated at 65, people at mid year according to UN data. France population is Population France to % of the total world population.

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77 rows · The population of France in was 65,, a % increase from The .