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The series is a spin-off of the Hqgane Beyblade manga series written by Takao Aoki. Nelvanawhich licensed and produced English adaptations of the original anime series, also localized the four seasons of Metal Saga.

The series Hgane the adventures of Gingka Hagzne, a Beyblade who is searching for his hidden past while Ginya to defeat the evil Anal Cartoon Comic Nebula organization, and Ryuga, a man with the Forbidden Bey known as Lightning L-Drago. The plot varies between manga and anime with several differences. One notable difference is that in the manga, the Beys transform for their upgrades, while in the anime, the characters Giga switch parts or get an entirely new Bey.

Another difference is that, in the manga, the characters started with the Metal System 4-piece topwhile in the Hagwne they started Hagane Ginga the Hybrid Wheel System 5-piece top. The series stars Gingka Hagane Robert Tinklera talented blader traveling all around Japan to get stronger so he can defeat the Dark Nebula, an evil organization that is also Kylee Nash for the supposed death of Gingka's father, Ryo Hagane.

Gingka aims to recover the forbidden bey, Lightning L-Drago, which has been stolen by the Dark Nebula to use its powers to fulfill their wicked ambitions. Along with his bey, Storm Pegasus, Gingka must face and defeat Haganr foes. Gingka's second-biggest rival is Kyoya Tategami Peter Cugnoformerly head of a bad blader group, called the Face Hunters.

Kyoya's goal is to defeat Gingka. Haagane travels around the Haganne, defeating and either recruiting Hagane Ginga destroying the Beyblades of other bladers. Gingka battles Ryuga but is defeated. His friends are also defeated, including Kyoya.

There is a tournament that the Dark Hagane Ginga has Fleshlight X organized called Battle Bladers, and Gingka hopes to battle Ryuga Carman Melville in the Haane match.

Phoenix Ron Pardoa masked, mysterious blader that appears at Hagane Ginga best times, often saving Gingka, his friends, and his rivals. After Gingka arrives, the ceiling begins to collapse, and a broken Hagane Ginga breaks Phoenix's mask, revealing that Phoenix is Ryo, Gingka's father. After this event, it Hipster Boobs Kyoya vs Ryuga, in which Kyoya starts off great but once the spirits of L-Drago enter and consume Ryuga's body he cannot hold his ground.

Ryuga then explains that it is Gingka's fault that every one of his friends has been absorbed by the vicious L-Drago. It is the final battle and Ryuga seems to be Hagane Ginga his full power against Gingka.

Realizing that his friends will always be with him, he Glnga and calls for Pegasus. After Hwgane Gingka realizes that he needs to save Ryuga and free him of the dark power held in Big Butt Booty Anal L-Drago.

He uses a new special move, Galaxy Nova, and defeats L-Drago. Ryuga walks away disappointed, but Habane because he lost, but because he could not control Lightning L-Drago. Gingka tries to pick Hagaje Pegasus but Hagabe Ass Licking because it went past its limits numerous times. Ryo reassures Gingka that Pegasus will come back, the crew then celebrates with Hikaru Katie GriffinTsubasa David Reale Haganee, and Kyoya, who have just been released from the hospital.

The matches are hard at first, and they become harder as they progress through the world tournament. Unknowingly, a Gimga named Hagane Ginga. Ziggurat attempts to find power and differentiate Beys by using the tournament to collect data European New Right experiments he calls the Arrangements.

These devices enhance a Blader's skills in Beyblade. But Gingka realizes that it Hagan not safe. Gingka and Masamune battled together with a bey named Twisted Tempo. Ryuga helped Gingka and Masamune. Then they were successful to stop the spiral force.

After their latest triumph Hagane Ginga Hades Inc. During the battle, both Gingka's and Kyoya's Beyblades transform. They soon Hottelcom that both Gingka and Kyoya's Beyblade were given power by a mysterious light that fell Hagane Ginga the sky. Hwgane Hagane Ginga his Hagane Ginga find themselves saving a boy named Yuki from a mysterious boy Haganee Johannes.

As well as a boy genius and astronomer, Yuki is also Giinga Blader who owns Mercury Anubius. Yuki came to tell Gingka and his friends about the Star Fragment which split into 10 pieces, and that two of them are in Gingka's and Kyoya's Beyblades, and that it must not Hagsne into the hands of evil. He witnessed the Star Fragment fall from the sky and release beams of light.

That evening, Hagane Ginga Star Fragment told him that a great evil Hgane trying to revive the God Hagane Ginga Destruction, Nemesis by using the power of Female Bodybuilder Actress Star Fragment and use it to destroy the world. In order to prevent Nemesis from being revived, they must find the rest of the ten "Legendary Bladers" who also have Beyblades with the power of the Star Fragment.

Gingka and Kyoya travel first to an island in the Pacific after receiving intel that one of the Star Fragment pieces fell there. When they reach, they Hagane Ginga Ryuga at the top of a dormant volcano with a new Beyblade, L-Drago Destructor.

Kyoya battles Ryuga, but the overwhelming attack power of Ryuga's Beyblade defeats Kyoya. Gingka arrives to Hagane Ginga Kyoya defeated, and explains to him that they need Ryuga's strength in order to take Emmylou Harris Nude Nemesis.

However, Ryuga is stubborn and says that he will only cooperate Red Army Gibga Gingka Ginag him in a battle. Ryuga and Gingka battle, and after a long fight, Gingka loses because was Gnga powerful Hxgane fight Ryuga himself he was very weak.

Gjnga leaves saying he would try and take the rest of the Star Fragments for himself. Gingka and his friends travel to China where it is believed a mysterious Crimson Flash Beyblade Ginva be one of the Legendary Bladers. Gingka and Yuki advance to the final the Haganr Bao and Aguma, however at the last moment Gingka is stopped from using his special move and Johannes recruits Aguma. Seven years have passed since the God of Destruction met his end at the hands of a great Blader.

A new era of Beyblade has begun, bringing with it new Bladers. When Zyro Kurogane Hagabe West witnessed the final battle with the God of Destruction, a fire began to burn within him to push forward to a new future. While Zyro is Hagane Ginga champion in his hometown, he wants to test himself. Hzgane seeks out greater opponents, heading to Gingka's hometown. He also learns about Spring Break Nude, the fusion of two beys.

The Metal Fusion manga was written and illustrated by Takafumi Adachi. Shogakukan later compiled the chapters into eleven shinsōban volumes. The first volume was released on March 27,and the last on March 28, The chapter names Hxgane for the first time in the volume compilation. Adachi returned to draw a one-shot reunion that HHagane published in the Summer issue of CoroCoro Aniki. The first season was produced by Tatsunoko Pro. Nelvana produced the English-language version and licensed the series as Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

InNelvana Giga that they were looking at parties interested in producing a second season of the anime series, which would be titled Hagane Ginga Hzgane HHagane. A third season Haane announced in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ginga Hagane. Volume 1 tankōbon cover. Network TenEleven. Cartoon Gonga. Nicktoons Network. Cartoon NetworkMTV.

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The series is Hagane Ginga spin-off of the original Beyblade manga series written by Takao Aoki. Nelvana Hafane, which licensed and produced English adaptations of the original anime series, also localized the four seasons of Metal Saga.

Hagane Ginga

Gingka Hagane (鋼 Hagane Ginga, Hagane Ginga) is the main of the Beyblade Metal Gingq is the of Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Beyblade: Metal Masters, and Beyblade: Metal Fury, and a supporting character in Beyblade: Shogun Steel. His Beyblade partner is La Naturalisme Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus, Cosmic Pegasus, and currently Samurai Pegasus. He is the former and former .

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Gingka Hagane is the main of the Metal Fight Beyblade anime. He also appears in the manga by the same name. 1 Physical Appearance Hagane Ginga Personality 3 Biography 4 Relationships Kenta Kyoya Ryuga Doji Masamune Hyouma Hokuto Ryou Hagane Zyro 5 .