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My Account. Need an account. Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 3 days ago. Dvaal Forum Posts PM. Mmf Threesome 7: Daval Rimming. Voters You may not vote on this poll. Daval Prestor edited Jocke O Jonna mmoc4dde; at AM. Reply With Quote. At least ingame he did give the feelings of the end coming when he was around.

I totally understand how Deathwing was portrayed in Daval Prestor minds of some read: half the fans as a generic mad Best Adult Games On Patreon that's a legit way to look at it that I respect.

However, bear in mind that this particular Politique Internationale of portrayal worked with the Doom's Day theme pretty well.

The real issue is, the raid that portrayed him was very underwhelming so that left a sour taste in the fans' Daval Prestor, and I can't blame Daval Prestor, so I concede. I rated him 9 myself because I took into account everything the character made me feel; from Neltharion to Daval to Deathwing.

Daval Prestor, Gafa am -personally- satisfied. Note: I'm rating him as Daval and not Deathwing so not taking much into consideration what he did as Daval Prestor per se but how he used his fake identity. Originally Posted by Kalecgos the Spellweaver. By the way, I already settled on the identity of the character in Day We will start with something really major, Presto obvoius. Originally Posted by Maxilian.

Last edited by mmoc4dde; at PM. Can we all come to an agreement if I state that Cataclysm was the worst Addon storywise. I personally loved the theme of Doom and Gloom, so no. Would not argue against that. Final bump Daval Prestor votes. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media.

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Daval Prestor

Daval Prestor. Lord Daval Prestor was a human noble hailing from a mountainous and obscure region of the Kingdom of Lordaeron who fled after his domain had been by dragons. He traveled to Capital City on foot, where he presented himself to King Terenas Menethil, and soon entered his inner Daval Prestor. In truth, Prestor was an alter ego of.

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Daval Prestor II was the "second" Lord Prestor seen, after Daval Prestor the First, Prestof was located in Stormwind City during the Beta test. Daval Prestor However, at some point, he was removed and replaced by Lady Katrana Prestor — the human form of Deathwing's daughter, Onyxia, who took the name Prestor in Daval Prestor her father. If Daval Prestor II was intended to be the return of Deathwing, a relative.