Finaste Best Bad Girls Club Seasons Bilder

Best Bad Girls Club Seasons

Best Bad Girls Club Seasons

Best Bad Girls Club Seasons

Best Bad Girls Club Seasons

A year after the Oxygen series finale, here's a recap on every season of BGC.

Call me and OCD super fan but you have a couple errors. In number ten you mention that portia and natalie were season 3 when they were season 4. You also spelled darlen wrong. And there were three physical altercations between wilmarie and nikki: limo fight, the one where wilmarie beats nikki with a lamp, and the last Ebony Blowjob Threesome where Christie Brimberry Nude was topless.

Fix those and Beest have a good list :. And yeah I totally mixed up the other two errors but thanks for catching them. All fixed and I hope you like the list.

Well I thought that the Pricilla and good fighting and good fighting shelly do not like the Nastasia and I liked the Tasha also implies a judicial and not only account for nothing if I was there I hit the Nastasia and all judicial days Nastasia besides Sesaons fat black is Saesons silly wanting to beat everyone I'm eSasons I would be so ae to beat in both the tiara and also liked the fight too kristen WISH to and be with them I liked all the blondes and brunettes least some of the three I mentioned I love USA Girld would Best Bad Girls Club Seasons for one day i gustavo by Andrew kisses to all my msn I spoke gustavo.

Post a Comment Add your comments and thoughts below and click 'subscribe by email' button to Best Bad Girls Club Seasons follow up responses Seasonz other comments on this post. Skip to main content. Search ×. Ooooooo La La. Lets start things off with Natalie vs Portia. Number 10 on the list are these two bad girls from season 4 who started off cool but ended up Best Bad Girls Club Seasons worst of enemies. It all started when Natalie was just being Natalie "Ms. I run L. Portia didn't approve Gilrs Natalie's behavior and the two started arguing in the limo on the way home.

Natalie gets home, stays outside with Kendra and talks crap about Portia saying she doesn't know who the father of her Seaspns is and oh yea, that she's not a good mother. Portia overhears this from the window, flips out and goes running around the house screaming for Natalie. When she opens the door and see's Natalie kicking it with Kendra she walks right up to Natalie and attacks. It's gang Seasoms Thatpervert Redtube Con time.

In season 5 of the Bad Girls Best Bad Girls Club Seasons there was a lot of screaming and destroying property. From peoples clothes being destroyed to bleach being Seaxons on one girl. These chicks out did themselves a little too much Alison Angel Naked be the badest girls. Well one replacement stayed strong and didn't allow Best Bad Girls Club Seasons other girls to send her home. On the very last episode on the ride home it was clear that Ashley, Lea and Best Bad Girls Club Seasons all dislike Christina.

Before you know Seeasons there's a big brawl in the limo and the season ends until the rest of the fight was shown during the reunion. The queen of "wanging" on season six was Jessica and she let it be known from day one not to mess with her or she will "wang you so stupid hard" which is exactly what she did to Lauren.

Lauren and Nikki thought they could intimidate Jessica and force her to leave the house. But they got it all wrong. Lauren was in Jessica's face and next thing you Seasins Jessica hits Lauren and keeps going in until security in Best Bad Girls Club Seasons house broke it up.

And then Nikki got a sucker punch in on Jessica when she wasn't paying attention, such a punk move. Look at Amber back on the countdown. Once again Amber's loud mouth gets her in trouble as she is talking about not understand bi-sexuals. Flo, who likes girls and guys, walks over and calls Amber a hypocrite.

Amber says to Flo, "you either lick the cooter or stick the cooter. Well this pisses Flo off as she gets in Ambers face and Amber pushes Flo in the pool.

Flo hops out and realizes her ankle is bleeding. Best Bad Girls Club Seasons This also kept her foot in a cast for the rest of her time in the house. But this doesn't stop her from hopping after Amber and tossing her a couple feet to the hard pavement, ouch. Mommy Julie Porn Amber gets man-handled Bedt. And the 1 brawl is Ty Sdasons Aimee from Season Best Bad Girls Club Seasons.

I know a lot of BGC fans who never watched season 1. Things were a little different when the show first kicked off; there were half hour episodes instead of hour long episodes and there was no special reunion show like there is now.

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Amber went from grinding to getting beat up in the next picture.

. Best Bad Girls Club Seasons

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Call me and OCD super fan but you have a couple errors. In number ten you mention that portia and natalie were season 3 when they were season 4. You also spelled darlen wrong.

Best Bad Girls Club Seasons

19/07/ · The fifth season of "Bad Girls Club" premiered on August 30,and contains 16 episodes. This season's cast includes Amy Ramirez, Heather Gonzalez and Tamara Guinane. This season features several unforgettable episodes including "Welcome to Miami Beyotch," "Threesome's Nude Caddies Crowd" and "The Wicked Witch eSasons Key West.".

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16/06/ · 9 (BEST SEASON!) 12 (I really loved this season for some reason) 7 (LOVED THIS ONE) 4. Season 17 (This was great!) 5. Season 13 (idk but i liked this season) 6. Season 16 (I liked Pazyntis season!) 8 (Really liked this one!) 15 (One of the entertaining) 9. Season 4 (I really liked this Best Bad Girls Club Seasons also) Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins.