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Cuphead Pork Rind

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Prk also spelled as CCuphead Rind is a tan pig that is the shopkeeper from Porkrind's Emporium on Cuphead. He is a secondary character on the game. Porkrind is, as his name suggests, an anthropomorphic tan pig with an eyepatch that contains a grey wide rope, his nose is pink and has two nostrils. His shirt is grey and has white sleeves. He has a black thin mustache and wears a brown wardrobe. He seems to Nuru Massage Stockholm very thin black eyebrows that always have an angry expression. His ear holes match Cuphead Pork Rind his skin color. Porkrind's Emporium Cuphead Pork Rind found in every overworld with the exception of Inkwell Hellwhere he don't appears, he will always be greeting when someone enters his shop and says goodbye when leaving his ship, his shop's structure will always be Cuphead Pork Rind same, the locations for Porkrind's Emporium are listed below:. In Relatos De Jovenes Con Maduras Isle Onehe is found at the start near Elder Kettle's Housein this overworld, Porkrind's Emporium is hard to miss, as it is easy to find. In Inkwell Isle Twoafter beating Djimmi the Greatgo upwards and his shop will be found, Porkrind's Emporium is easy and sometimes hard to miss. In Inkwell Isle Threeafter beating Dr. Kahl's Cuphead Pork Rind or taking the shortcut, go down to where the houses are and Porkrind's Emporium will be found. Porkrind is only found on Plrk first three overworlds. Cuphead Wiki Explore. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account. History Talk 0. An icon featuring Porkrind, in that he has a pale color. Categories Characters Males Animal. Universal Conquest Wiki.{/INSERTKEYS}{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Porkrind also spelled as Pork Rind is a tan pig that is the shopkeeper from Porkrind's Emporium on Cuphead.

Cuphead Pork Rind

Porkrind Jebanje Matorki the shopkeeper throughout Cuphead. He sells charms and weapons to aid the player in boss fights and run and gun levels, and appears in every overworld of the game except for Inkwell Hell.


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Porkrind's Emporium. Porkrind's Emporium is the shop in Cuphead, as well as being the place where the players encounter the store's merchant, Porkrind. The players Stanton Halmstad use the gold coins they find in Run n' Gun levels or in the overworld to buy upgrades, such as different types of weapons or charms.