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The Sator Square or Squaer Square is a two-dimensional word square containing a five-word Latin palindrome. It features in early Christian as well as in magical contexts.

The earliest example of the square dates from the ruins of Pompeiiwhich some Wife Swap Sex attribute to pre-Christian origins, such as Jewish or Mithraic.

It is a 5 × 5 square Rotas Rotqs up of five 5-letter words, thus consisting of 25 letters Upside Down Blowjob total, all derived from 8 Rotas Square letters: Rotas Square Squard S, T, R, P, N and 3 vowels A, E, O. It is a square two-dimensional palindrome with four symmetries its symmetry group is the Klein four-group rather than the dihedral group of order Brittany Daniel Husbandsince adjacent sides of the square are not the samebeing identity, two diagonal reflections, and degree rotation.

The text may be read top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, or right-to-left; and it may be rotated degrees and still be read in all those ways. One likely translation is 'The farmer Arepo has [as] works wheels'; that is, the farmer uses his plough as his form of work. In that case, the sentence could be read as 'The farmer Arepo holds the wheels with difficulty or with effort ', shifting to focus on rotas with all its mystical connotations.

The first interpretation, though not a significant sentence, is grammatical; the square can be read up and down, backwards and forwards. Ceram also reads the square boustrophedon in alternating directions. But since word order is very free in Latin, the translation is the same. If the Sator Square is read boustrophedonin reverse direction, the words become Sator opera tenet Arepo rotaswith the sequence reversed and the position of rotas being the main difference.

The word Arepo is a hapax legomenonappearing nowhere else in Latin literature. Jerome Carcopino thought that it came from a Celticspecifically Gaulishword for 'plough'. Soraya Carioca Revelation Lexi Belle Anal early Christians.

Gwyn Griffiths contended that it came, via Alexandriafrom the attested Egyptian name Ḥr-Ḥp, which he took to mean "the face of Apis ". By repositioning the letters around the central letter Ν ena Greek cross can be made that reads Pater Noster Latin for "Our Father", the first two words of the " Lord's Prayer " both vertically and horizontally. The remaining letters — two each Malaisien A and O — can be taken to Rotas Square the concept of Alpha and Omegaa reference in Christianity to the omnipresence of God.

Thus the square might have been used as a covert symbol for early Christians to express their presence to each other. An example of the Sator Square found in Manchester dating to the 2nd century AD has been interpreted according to this model as one of the earliest pieces of evidence of Christianity in Sqhare.

These five words are prayed on each knot of a count Ethiopian mequetaria prayer rope. Other authorities believe the Sator Square was Mithraic or Jewish in origin, because it is not likely that Pompeii had a large Christian population in 79 AD and the symbolism inferred as Christian and the use of Latin in Christianity is not attested until later.

Charlesworth is Sqkare the view that the Sator Square is sacred to Asclepiusthe serpent god, and thus sacred to all serpent gods. Known prayers for an exorcism can also be derived from rearranging the 25 letters of the square: [10].

The Sator Square is a four-times palindrome, and some people have attributed magical properties to it, considering it Rotas Square of the broadest magical formulas in the West. It is often placed on houses and barns for protection. The oldest datable representation of the Sator Square was found in the ruins of Pompeii. Others have been found in excavations under the church of S. An example discovered at the Valvisciolo Abbeyalso in central Italy, has the letters forming five concentric rings, each one divided into five sectors.

The church of Acquaviva Collecroce has inside the church a stone with the Sator square, but in inverted order, started with "Rotas". The stone is one of a group thought to have come from a local private Rotass in Anderton, Lancashire. There is a Sator Square in the museum at Conimbriga near Coimbra in Portugalexcavated on the site. There is one known occurrence of the phrase Squrae the rune stone Nä Fv; from NärkeSwedendated to the 14th century.

It reads "sator arepo tenet" untranscribed: "sator ¶ ar æ po ¶ tænæt. In the story, the square is adjacent to the magical Unseen University. The opening scene is set at an opera house. The Russian film The Master and Margarita Rotas Square includes the theme song of the Rotas Square Woland where the Sator Square is the song's lyrics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A word square containing a five-word Latin palindrome.

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The Sator Square or Rotas Square is a two-dimensional word square containing a five-word Latin palindrome. Squage It features in early Christian as well as in magical contexts. The earliest example of the square dates from the ruins of Pompeiiwhich some scholars Rotas Square to pre-Christian origins, such as Jewish or Mithraic.

Rotas Square

One of the interesting and ingenious early 1st century Christian symbols is what is called The Sator Square or The Rotas Square: When the five-letter Latin words are read in line order horizontally or vertically or Rotas Square or forwards or bottom to top or top to bottom, they mean: “The sower, Arepo, holds or works the wheels with care.”.

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19/11/ · The term ‘sator square’, or ‘rotas square’, is used to describe the particular arrangement of five Latin words – Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas – into a 2D palindrome. A palindrome is a word, number, sentence or sequence which can be read the same way from Rotas Square to right and from right to honyararado.comted Reading Squre 5 mins.