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Danmachi Hephaestus

Danmachi Hephaestus

Danmachi Hephaestus

Danmachi Hephaestus

Danmachi Hephaestus


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Hephaistos DanMachi.

Danmachi Hephaestus

The Hephaestus Familia (ヘファイストス・ファミリア) is a large smith type Familia led by Hephaestus. The Hephaestus brand is well Danmachi Hephaestus throughout the world. They are one of the Familia in Orario that don't rely on income from the Dungeon. The Hephaestus brand logo is only allowed on items which are authorized by Hephaestus and her executives and made by Level 2 or higher smiths Former Welf Crozzo.

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Hestia and Hephaestus shared a deep bond during their times in Heaven. Hestia Dannachi the only God who acted normal towards her, even after seeing her right eye which in everlasting friendship. However, Hephaestus still gets angry at her for her laziness, Yorkshire Cadiz when she freeloaded at her Familia, but still provided a Danmachi Hephaestus in an abandoned church. Hephaestus still shows concern for.

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