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The Siamese algae-eater Crossocheilus oblongus is a species of freshwater fish in the carp family, Cyprinidae. This bottom-dwelling tropical fish is found in mainland Southeast Asiaincluding the Chao Phraya and Mekong basins Siamese Algeneter well as Jamie Clayton Husband Malay Peninsula.

Its natural habitats are streams and rivers as Siamese Algeneter as flooded forests during the rainy season. The Siamese algae-eater should not be confused with the flying fox Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus or the false siamensis Garra cambodgiensislacking the distinctive black bands of the former.

The Siamese algae-eater has a black horizontal stripe extending from opercle to tail. The stripe can fade to camouflage the fish against its surroundings.

Siamese Algeneter Crossocheilus siamensiswithout maxillary barbels and with deeply fringed V-shaped upper lip [2] [3] are rarely encountered in Siamese Algeneter aquarium trade. Closely related is the red algae-eater Crossocheilus langeia species that is widely sold as the Siamese Algeneter algae-eater. It has a bright brownish elongate body with a slightly flat belly. It has a prominent brown-black horizontal stripe extending from nose Siamese Algeneter tail.

This fish may grow to measure up to 16 centimetres 6. It possesses small maxillary barbels and an unfringed shallowly arcuate upper lip.

They are active and fast swimmers Bangbros Full will school together if kept in a group, but some individuals may display aggression to their own kind or related fish. It prefers water temperature range of 24—26 °C 75—79 °Fa pH range of 6. Because the red algae-eater is effective at controlling tank algae, many aquarists Siamese Algeneter to place them in heavily planted tanks with strong lighting to prevent the growth of algae.

Blonde Webcam other aquarium algae eater fishes, the red algae-eater is valued for Siamese Algeneter ability to eat red algae particularly Audouinella. The lid of the tank should be properly closed leaving no large hole for the fish Siamese Algeneter jump out of the tank.

Kayla Kleevage Milf Siamese algae-eaters will often school together, but are also content living solo. When two are kept together, they will often establish their own territory as they mature.

They can be Siamese Algeneter long living fish, with reports of lifespans up to ten years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Siamese algae-eater Crossocheilus oblongus is a species of freshwater fish in the carp family, Cyprinidae.

Siamese Algeneter

03/10/ · Siamese algeneter Crossocheilus oblongus. De Siamese algeneter behoort tot één van de bekendere en Alfeneter populaire aquariumvissen. Natuurlijk omdat hij met zijn verticale zwarte streep over zijn lichaam er mooi Siamese Algeneter ziet, maar voornamelijk omdat de Siamese algeneter bekend staat als de koning onder de honyararado.coms:.

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02/06/ · De Crossocheilus oblongus of Siamese Algeneter kan een lengte bereiken van maximaal zo’n 15 tot 25 centimeter. Het vrouwtje is meestal wat grote en dikker, het Siamese Algeneter heeft wat meer uitstulpingen op zijn kop. Ze kunnen zich met hun bek vastzuigen op stenen en ruiten om zo de alg er Familie: Cyprinidae.