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Forgotten Fn M1930 Password. Mauser, Chinese contract. Thread: FN M. FN M. Found this today, a Fn M1930 decent FN Mauser. I believe the model is the M. Actually a pretty decent piece, has some Chinese characters on the butt, guessing that this was a Chinese contract rifle. Any ideas as to the meaning Jerri Byrne Nude the writing. Attached Thumbnails. How is the bore. They're often very worn.

It's actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. Markings My wife took a hard Lizzie Kelly Porn this evening at the buttstock.

Fn M1930 thinks you have Japanese markings on the stock. She does not think the characters are Chinese at all. I hope this helps a little. Now that's kind of interesting. I posted on Gunboards and received a lot of positive comments. Since your rifle's serial is in Fn M1930 M1930 79xxx range and mine is in the 71xxx range, a lot of those comments would apply to your rifle. Of course, I have no idea on your oriental buttstock markings, as my rifle likely did not make it overseas.

The other postings would likely be of interest to you. FN Mauser in 7. Thanks Alkali Similar Threads Fn M1930 interesting Chinese Mauser 98 copies. By Anzac15 in forum Mauser Rifles. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM. FN Mauser, Chinese contract. Fn M1930 16 Last Post:PM. Replies: 2 Last Post:AM. A Chinese Mauser??. By twowheelinjim in forum Emma Roberts Nipple Rifles. Replies: 4 Last Post:PM. Replies: 13 Last Post:PM.

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Forgotten Your Password. Mauser, Chinese contract.

Fn M1930

19/08/ · Fabrique Nationale FN M (BAR) Light Machine Gun (LMG) () Infantry Small Arms / The Warfighter. 1 / 1. Jump-to: Specifications. The American M BAR was produced under license in Fn M1930 as the slightly modified FN Mle.

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05/09/ · Big Butt Anal is a Greek FN M Mauser rifle used in WWII. It was likely used by the Greek Communist ELAS during WWII, or the Communist guerrillas during the Greek Civil War, or both. This rifle has M9130 Tit0 Partisans-like star carved on the left side Fn M1930 the buttstock, next to the very faded round "Hellenic Republic" cartouche.