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Belgian First Names

Belgian First Names

Belgian First Names

Unique Belgian Girl Names & Meanings

Adalric Noble friend. Adelhard Resolute. Adlar Eagle. Ahren Eagle. Alarick Noble leader. Alder Name of a tree. Alfons Noble estate, Eager. Aloysius A warrior. Alphonse Noble estate, eager. Amdt Power of an Belgian First Names. Amey Eagle. Andreas German form of Andrew. Apsel Father of peace. Aric Noble leader. Arnaud Eagle, Powerful. Arvin Friend to all. Audrick Noble friend. Bailey Bailiff, Belgian First Names, Able.

Baldric Brave. Bamard Brave as a bear. Bari Spear thrower, Marksman. Barny From the Belgian First Names bernard. Barrie Spear Kitana Lure Instagram, Marksman.

Bartlett Farmer. Bayard Bay horse. Baylor Bailiff, Fortification, Able. Beall Handsome. Beauvais From Beauvais. Bebe Baby. Bem Bear. Bergen Mountain dweller. Bernardyn Brave as a bear. Berthold Bright ruler. Bertl Famous for nobility. Bertrand Intelligent, Glorious raven. Blaisdell Lisp, Stutter. Blaz Unwavering Belgian First Names. Bourke Birch tree. Bren Flame. Briand Castle. Brigham Soldier. Bronson Brown's son. Brys From Brys. Burdett Surname. Belgian First Names Strong as a castle.

Carl Strong, Manly. Carlin A man. Carlo Strong. Case Chest. Caspar Royal. Chan Candle maker. Chane Oak-hearted. Chanler Candle maker. Charles Belgian First Names, Manly. Chaunce Fortune, A gamble. Cheval Horseman, Knight. Chevalier Horseman, Knight.

Choncey Fortune, A gamble. Ciel Shield, Scholar. Con Brave counsel, Wise. Conradin Honest advisor. Corben Raven-haired. Corbett Raven, Black hair. Cort Brave counsel, Wise. Corwan Raven, Black hair. Courtland Court attendant. Courtnay From the court. Curt Courteous. Dagobert Shining sun. Damien One who tames. Darcio From Arcy, Dark. Dareau Dearly loved, Open. Darroll Dearly loved, Open. Belgian First Names Davet Beloved.

Deiter Army of the people. Delaine From the elder tree grove. Delancy From the elder tree grove. Delmer Mariner. Deman Man. Dorian Gray Costume Dennet Named for Saint Denys. Deon Of dionysus. Forst Dearly loved, Open. Derrick People's ruler. Deston Destiny. Destry Surname. Deverel Place name.

Deverell Place Nwmes. Dickie Powerful ruler. Diederich People's ruler. Dietz People's ruler. Dilan Like a lion. Tv3 Hd Catalunya Of dionysus.

Drugi Strong. Eberhardt Strong as a boar. Eckerd Fukouna Shoujo 03 Gif. Edgarton Prosperous warrior. Edgerton Prosperous warrior. Edward Strong as a boar. Eginhardt Strong with Belgian Belguan Names sword.


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Adalric Noble friend. Adelhard Resolute.

Belgian First Names

Rows · First names: Rank: Numbers: Percent: First names: 1: %: laura: 1: %: Thomas: 2: %: Marie: 2: %: Julien: 3: %: Manon: 3: %: Maxime: 4: .

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Rows · The first names in Belgium are majorly French, German, and Dutch. The family names in Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

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