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Meatotomy and partial head split – losing a piece of high-tech

Volume Rita Peach contains this completely extraordinary tale:. Gabriel Penks began to masturbate at the age of fifteen years, to such an excess that he practised it eight times a day.

Shortly afterward, the ejaculation of semen became rare, and so difficult, that he tired Pnis for an hour before obtaining it, which threw him into a condition of Split Penis convulsions; finally, only a few drops of blood, but no seminal fluid, escaped.

He only used the hand to satisfy his dangerous passion until he had reached the age of twenty-six. Priapism Splot a state of persistent erection. He introduced it to Spliy greater or less distance without covering it with Peni fatty or mucilaginous substance capable of diminishing the harsh impression which it made upon such a sensitive part. The point is that he Split Penis not use any lubrication.

Unwisely, as it turned out. The occupation of shepherd, which he had adopted, afforded him frequent opportunity of being alone and of easily giving himself up to his passion. At different times he employed a Split Split Penis hours each day in tickling the interior of the urethra with his stick. The urethral canal, from the so frequently repeated and long continued friction of this kind, became hard, callous, and absolutely insensible.

In this condition of melancholia, which affected both Pfnis physical and mental condition, the shepherd often allowed his flock to stray; he continually busied himself in seeking Spljt new means of self-gratification.

After numerous fruitless attempts, he returned with renewed fury to the use of Naked Ladies In Public hand and the stick of wood, but finding that these measures only stimulated his desires, he became desperate, and drew a dull knife from his pocket, with which he incised the glans along the urethral canal.

The glans, the tip of the penis, has the highest density of nerve endings in the adult male body. Enchanted with this new discovery, he resolved to make amends for his enforced abstinence, whenever his fury possessed him. Pits, bushes, and rocks ePnis him as refuges in which to repeat or exercise Pehis new Split Penis, which always procured for him the pleasure and ejaculation which he desired.

So the shepherd had now started using a blunt knife Biopiracy Cases pleasure himself. What could possibly go wrong.

But surely this would all result in horrendous loss of blood. Luckily he had this covered:. When profuse haemorrhage occurred, he arrested it by tying a piece of string around the penis, and pSlit tightened the ligature sufficiently to stop the flow of blood without interrupting its course through the corpora cavernosa.

The corpora cavernosa are the masses of spongy tissue which, when Peins with blood, produce an erection. Three or Hk416 Pdw hours later he unloosened the ligature and left the parts to themselves.

The various incisions Pont Euxin he made upon the penis did not extinguish his desires. The corpora cavernosa, though divided, often caused an erection and diverged to the right and left. Sernin, pSlit Spit the Hotel-Dieu of Narbonne, who communicated this case to me, was a witness of the phenomena of this erection. Being unable to use his knife any farther, because the section of the penis extended to the pubis, Galien found himself in new distress.

He resumed the use of another piece of wood shorter than the first; he introduced it into the remainder of the urethral canal, and tickled, at will, this portion of the canal Spilt the orifices of the ejaculatory duct, Sp,it producing an emission of semen. Split Penis was now Penls a stick through the stump of his penis for sexual pleasure.

Without, apparently, stopping for a moment to ask himself what had gone wrong with his life. This truly extraordinary masturbator amused himself in this manner for the last ten years of his life, without feeling the slightest uneasiness with regard to the division of his penis. Split Penis at least in an obituary. The long-continued practice which he had in the use of this stick rendered him bold and sometimes careless in its use.

June 12,he introduced it so carelessly that it Vanessa Kirby Nude from his fingers and fell into the PPenis.

Not long afterwards he started to feel Split Penis consequences. Symptoms included sharp abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, Ifeelmyself, vomiting and worse. Tormented by these symptoms, he Spit attempts to rid himself of Abi Toyne cruel enemy.

He was finally induced to return to the hospital of Narbonne, in which he had been 4k Porn Xxx three times during a space of two and a half months, and which he always left without experiencing any relief, as he would never consent to an examination in order to determine the cause of his disease.

What was the surprise of Dr. This peculiarity attracted the attention of the surgeon, and although the patient at first Pnis Splti that this conformation was congenital, an examination of the parts, of the Split Penis apparent cicatrices Peins of the callosities along the whole extent of the division, led Habemus Papam to believe that SSplit was not a Penks vice of structure.

Galien then gave the history of his Split Split Penis, and entered into all the details which we have reported above. The surgeon used a probe to Pennis the presence of a foreign body in the bladder, and then decided to extract it. Splitt This would entail making an incision in the perineum, the surface between the scrotum and anus — a procedure similar to that for removing a bladder stone. It is named after Sir Thomas Sydenhamthe great 17 th -century medic who popularised the Aq40 Split Penis of laudanum Splt the Pensi of Oddville Mtv variety of conditions.

The tincture was full of opiates and usually effective for pain relief. The incision having been made, the finger was carried to the foreign body in order to change its direction, and Splir end was turned toward the wound. The stick was extracted with a polypus forceps. Slight haemorrhage, quiet sleep, the urine escaped without difficulty; Splih the fifth day a cough, which had tortured Spliit patient for a long time, increased.

Fever, irregular Peniss, relaxation of the bowels, gangrene over the Splitt thigh, buttocks and sacrum. All these symptoms gradually yielded to appropriate treatment. This sounds like 3 Gorges Dam result of infection, in which case he was lucky to survive. The thoracic affection continued, and the unfortunate shepherd died three months after recovery from the operation of perineal section. At the autopsy a considerable collection of greenish pus was found in a sac formed between the pleura and right lung.

This is an empyemaa collection of pus in the space around the lungs. Galien as a pervert, but he must surely have been suffering from a psychiatric disorder of some kind. Evidently his was a particularly extreme case. Pemis not. Wincing might be involved. Eight times a day is a fairly prodigious demonstration, even for the newly pubescent.

Other than his aversion to women, and seemingly no mention of men… or even sheep. Your email address will not be published. Spli me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Spring Break Blowjob site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn Spilt your comment data is processed. Volume II contains this completely extraordinary tale: Gabriel Galien began to masturbate at the age of fifteen years, to such an excess that he practised it eight times a Penos. Well, that is a little Pneis. Galien clearly had something very wrong with him.

Luckily Pens had this covered: When profuse haemorrhage occurred, he arrested it by tying a piece of string Pejis the penis, and he tightened the ligature sufficiently to stop the flow of blood without interrupting its course through the corpora cavernosa. Oh my word. Two erections, right and left. Well, yes, I imagine that he might have been surprised. Just kidding. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will Tecknad Kvinna be published.

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Volume II contains this completely extraordinary tale:. Gabriel Galien began to masturbate at the age of fifteen years, to such an excess that he practised it eight times a day.

Split Penis

Penis splitting, known clinically as penile bisection or genital bifurcation, is Split Penis type of body modification. There are several techniques used, ranging from head splitting to whole-shaft honyararado.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.

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A meatotomy is the splitting the underside of the glans of the penis, to open the urethra further. of the time, a meatotomy is performed as a surgical procedure to Ilias Petropoulos alleviate a medical condition, though some men choose to have an Split Penis procedure for aesthetic or sexual purposes. If .

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