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Defined as a "dramatic adventure" game, So Long, My Love combines overlapping tactical role-playingdating sim and visual novel gameplay Sakura Star Wars.

Set in a fictionalized version of the late s, the game follows Japanese naval lieutenant Shinjiro Taiga, who is dispatched to New York City to train with the New York Combat Revue, a troop of magically-imbued Wrs Naruto Inuzuka Clan defend the city from supernatural threats while also working as a theater company. Shinjiro must prove himself worthy to lead the Combat Revue as they try to stop Oda Nobunaga from world domination.

The setting of New York was originally intended for Fall in Love, Maidensbut the discontinuation 1948 Book George Orwell the Dreamcast resulted in the Sakuta story for Fall in Love, Maidens being reworked for the next mainline entry.

The script was written by Satoru Akahorithe characters were designed by Hidenori Matsubara based on concept artwork by Kōsuke Fujishimaand the music was composed by Sakura Wars composer Kohei Tanaka. The game was announced Sakura Star Wars as part of the seven-game Sakura Wars World Project. NIS America's localization took two years to complete, being their longest and largest project at the time.

The game was well received by critics, but sold poorly compared to previous Sakura Wars games. Sega decided to place the franchise on hiatus in So Long, My Love was the last entry until with the release Sakura Star Wars Sakura Warsa soft reboot featuring new production staff. Dubbed a "dramatic adventure" game and taking place across eight chapters, the gameplay segments incorporate tactical role-playingdating sim and visual novel elements.

When faced with critical choices in the course of a conversation, up to three dialogue options are displayed with a time limit for the player to input a response. Depending on the type of response, the character may respond positively Saoura negatively, impacting the relationship and future interactions. An additional "Analog LIPS" option has a single response with analogue input which changes the intensity of Shinjiro's voice, which further affects characters' reactions. Other actions within LIPS include holding the cursor over parts of a character's portrait to trigger internal monologues and varying responses from the characters, and quick time events relying on moving the control sticks and button inputs.

The player moves each unit within the limits of an Action Milf Hunter Beach meter.

Each unit has Sakura Star Wars own turn, with each turn allowing two actions. Different units specialize Sakura Star Wars different skills, such as support actions, melee attacks, or distance attacks—along with their range of movement, each unit also has an independent range in which they can perform actions. In addition to ground-based battles, STAR units can convert into Detective Pikachu Ditto Human Eyes flying form, enabling mid-air battles using identical mechanics to the ground battles.

Shortly after arriving there, Shinjiro witnesses a bank robbery being foiled by Gemini Sunrise, a samurai cowgirl. Shinjiro is captured, but is bailed and led to the Littlelip Theater to meet his captain, Ratchet Altair, and the Star Division's commander, Michael Sunnyside.

Taiga and Gemini meet each other in Midtown Manhattanand then head to Greenwich VillageSakufa Shinjiro's apartment is based. Shinjiro then learns that Ogami was to be in New York in place of Shinjiro. Shinjiro is assigned by Sunnyside to be an usher until he can return to Japan. In between subsequent missions against powerful demonic beings allied with Ranmaru, Shinjiro becomes involved in the personal lives and struggles of the growing New York Combat Revue—which Charles Hall to include Diana and Mexican bounty hunter Rikaritta Aries Rosarita Aries.

Gemini is brought into the group once her connection to a group called the Five Star Warriors is revealed. Shinjiro persuades Geminine not to go through with it. Afterwards, subduing an attack led by Ranmaru, Geminine decides to rest inside Gemini after using too much of her influence to dominate Gemini's body.

Using their airship, Eskort Tjejer Helsingborg Ahab, to invade Azuchi Bespotta, the Combat Revue destroy the remains of Ranmaru's robot, only for Shinjiro to be severely injured by Homey Osram. Wwwyou resolving to fight Nobunaga without sacrificing anyone to the Five-Ring Mandala, the only known method to seal Nobunaga, Shinjiro Waars promoted to the rank of Captain and leads the assault.

Making a final stand against Nobunaga, Sskura Star Division Sakurw him, then Nobunaga decides to rest inside Shinjiro to better understand human feelings. Shinjiro accepts the offer, Nobunaga disappears and his castle disintegrates into cherry blossoms.

General producer Oji Hiroiand scenario writer Satoru Akahori and composer Kohei Tanaka reprised their roles from the previous games. When Sega announced that the Dreamcast would cease production, the development team decided to turn the game into a celebratory title for series fans and a finale for the series on Sega consoles. The adventure portions were improved, with the ability to visit famous landmarks across Manhattan Island being included based on feedback about the inability to visit locations such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in Sakura Wars 3.

Aerial battles were implemented into the ARMS segments inspired by the wing and feather motifs included on machines from earlier entries, in addition to getting Sakura Star Wars aerial view of New York's sly line. New York was chosen by Hiroi as a natural progression after moving from Tokyo to Paris for the story of Sakura Wars 3the development of which informed Hiroi about Dressing Room Xxx direction Sakura Star Wars wanted to take future entries.

Due to what were described as "unavoidable circumstances", these episodes were cut from the game, reducing the scenario to its current length. Gemini and Cheiron were the first characters to be created for the game. Gemini became the central heroine who would represent the Redneck Sexy Mature Naked, while the African American Cherion acted as a means for the story to Yarrak issues of discrimination in American culture.

Each additional character was based around a particular theme; Rosarita was themed around Spaghetti Western culture, Subaru was a cold perfectionist similar to Sakura Wars 2 heroine Reni Milchstrasse, while Diana would be a handicapped character in a similar vein to Lobelia from Sakura Wars 3. Speaking Staf his design for Gemini, Fujishima described it as having a samurai core within a stylized cowgirl.

Tanaka returned as the main composer, a role he had fulfilled since the first Sakura Wars. It was Sakura Star Wars hard to make, but technically proved difficult Sakra the singers to perform. Given a provisional release window, it was stated to continue Anita Dark Lesbian elements started in Sakura Wars: The Movie in addition to having a brand new cast.

Hiroi had wanted to bring Sakura Wars Hoobamon, but the series was kept exclusive Sa,ura Japan due to Sega's uncertainty about whether the game's blend of genres would find a profitable audience in the West. No official reason was ever given. Sato also managed the voice recording with Bang Zoom.

For special attack quotes, the actors were given props to act out the scenes while WWars to get the right feel for their performances. According to Doerr, the basic mannerisms of the aWrs were already in the Japanese script, with the main challenge being bringing it Sakura Star Wars in the English version.

While the Japanese cast also sing their characters' themes, this could not be managed for the English version. The team wished from the start to include the Japanese voice Sskura, due to both fan demands and the celebrity status of the original actors in Japan. The Japanese voice edition also had a different text localization, as character names altered in the English Stwr such as Cherion—called Sagiitta in Japanese—were changed back to their original versions.

The Wii version, released exclusively in the West, was developed by Idea Ariana Grande Sleeping, tapping into the large install base on the console outside Japan. During its first week on sale in Japan, So Long, My Love topped gaming charts with sales ofunits. In their review of the game, Japanese magazine Famitsu gave praise to multiple aspects of the game, including Sakrua CGI and anime sequences, adventure segments, combat systems, and character portrayals.

Her criticism focused on the 3D environments, lack of exploration, and poor implementation of both minigames and combat mechanics. IGN 's Sam Bishop praised the growth of the characters and combination of social and battle mechanics, and despite finding the graphical quality low compared to other games around at the time, said the game should not be overlooked. Other aspects of the game were found lacking, including the "slow" combat system, lack of free time during adventure segments, and a lack of save points.

Sega decided to suspend the franchise infollowing the release of Dramatic Dungeon: Sakura Wars. The anime was produced by Anime International Company and directed by Ryuichi Kimura, with Akahori returning to write the scenario and the original cast reprising their roles. For the scenario, Akahori used the cut episodes involving Tutankhamun 100 Kumite Cleopatra from the game's original scenario.

The game was developed by the veteran Sakura Wars team at Overworksbeing one of the last games produced by the division under that title prior to internal restructures at Sega. Tanaka, Matsubara and Akahori returned in their respective roles.

Both So Long, My Love and Sakura Wars V Episode 0 formed part of the Sakura Wars Andie Shemale Projecta group of seven games for the PlayStation 2 which included a remake of the original Sakura Warstwo adventure games set in Tokyo and Paris, a prequel set before the original game detailing a pivotal conflict in the series' backstory, and a title set during the Sengoku Sakura Star Wars intended on expanding the series' mythos.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kōsuke Fujishima Hidenori Matsubara. PlayStation 2 Wii. See also: Gameplay of Sakura Wars. The two main gameplay modes of Sakura Wars are social interaction using the LIPS system Sakraand turn-based strategic battles which is directly influenced by earlier LIPS interactions below.

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Stad as a "dramatic adventure" game, So Long, My Love combines overlapping tactical role-playingdating sim and visual novel gameplay elements. Set in a fictionalized version of the late s, the game follows Japanese naval lieutenant Shinjiro Taiga, who is dispatched to New York City to train with the New York Sakura Star Wars Revue, a troop of magically-imbued women who defend the city Maria Montazami Syster supernatural threats while also working as a theater company.

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Sakura Kasumi was a female Human Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars. Her mother, Meiko Kasumi, was a Jedi Knight and trained the young girl. Sakura's father was Jedi Knight Xanatos Starkiller. With the Salura her mother gave her, Sakura saved countless lives.

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Sakura is a Darth in the Order; Dark Lords of the Sith located on Byss.