Bikini Jeff The Killer X Slenderman Foton

Jeff The Killer X Slenderman

Jeff The Killer X Slenderman

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The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Creepypaste reacts to ships. Table of Hyorin Forehead. New Reading List. Random The creepy pasta group are going to react to ships.

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The Watty Awards.

Jeff The Killer X Slenderman

Frustration (a Jeff the Killer x Slenderman Lemon) K 1 Slenderman has realized that Jeff the Killer seems more frustrated as of late. Perhaps some intervention is necessary.

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13/03/ · Jeff the killer x Slenderman. Jeff is really tired after a night of murdering, he walks home to the mansion and accidentally goes into Slender's room instead of his own, what happens when they wake up facing each other cuddling. Read to find out:D Reviews:.