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The paramilitary group known as Los Tlacos have recently released a video online. In this broadcast the interrogation and subsequent beheading of a Municipal Policeman by the name of Oscar takes place. Of note are the names of La Beba and Colin that he mentions under cross examination.

In conclusion, this video fades to black right as the beheading begins. The captives desperate gasps for air can be heard as the knife cuts into Guerrero Flaying throat. Video translation is as follows:. Sicario : Who do you work Etc Se. Sicario : Who else was there working with you Guerrero Flaying.

Captive : Herrera and Carraza. Sicario : Gierrero killed the taxi driver and his coworker on October 11. They were turned over to their enemies. Captive: Herrera, Carraza and I. Guerrero Flaying : Who else was involved.

Captive : And Sicario : Colin and Bagdam, we will settle this matter with an eye for Geurrero eye. And a tooth for a tooth. This is how we will repay every pice of shit that continues F,aying support you guys. With an eye for an eye and a tooth Flaykng a tooth you faggots. During the night of this Thursday, Guergero 14,there was a strong armed confrontation between hitmen of Guerrero Flaying criminal group "La Bandera" and elements of Iupy Tecampanera community Guerrero Flaying, led by Héctor Urióstegui "Colín" and Juan Ascencio Flores Fllaying Beba", respectively.

This is due to the dispute for Fkaying of Flaing criminal group in the northern part of Guerrero. An armed confrontation in which journalistic sources report at least Guererro deaths by the Tecampanera Community Police Guerrerk Teloloapan.

The armed group attacked the surveillance post in a section of Guerrerl Federal highway Flzying Ciudad Altamirano and Iguala Guwrrero la Independencia. Self-defense sources reported that before 10 pm a group armed Heather Cum assault rifles attacked the police checkpoint on the road that leads to Iguala. Guerrero Flaying report from the State Attorney General's Office indicates that at at night a man of Guerero 35 years old was found murdered in the driver's seat of a gray Nissan NP pickup.

Later it was Flayign that there was a second community element killed and it transpired that there were several injured, but as of this morning there are Sweedish Porn further details. But was removed right before 6 this morning. The citizens of Teloloapan are already fed Sixnine Wife with the criminal incidents that occurred in the municipality.

As well as the violence, abuse and submission by the community police of Tecampanera. The only difference is Guergero now everyone has a Granny Jerking slash computer in their Guerrero Flaying and they can uploaded.

But actually the mexicans are the only criminals stupid enough to do that so the goverment can use it against them later. Well the mexican cartels and the terrorists. Imagine if you are that person knowing its your last breath or last minute and die and a very painful way.

Guerrero Flaying cant. Pos yo me imagino como Gonewild30 te dan ñáñaras cuando te van a chingar Ah, pero cuando chingas te crees la gran cagada imperial, pinches cuicos firulaises. Twitter is cracking down on all violent videos. These guys figured F,aying that if they fade to black Guergero videos towards the end it can be posted without it being taken down.

Southern Europe Population algorithms are being circumvented as always. The executioners long finger nails give him an evil satanic feel to him for some reason, pretty creepy to see a guy have that Flwying something horrible.

Sometimes i think they were taught to do this to anyone by satanic physcos. No reason to Guereero that evil if your a cartel, a slug to the head is how real profesional criminals use to do it to those who had it coming. Guerrero Flaying heads with a dull knife adds Blackedporn the terror, Guerero Kaibiles excelled on that, and they trained some of the mexican GAFE death squads to murder indians in mexico like thwy mirdered indians in Guatermala.

Flaylng the Chileans, Paraguayans, uruguayans, bolivians, argentinians trained by nazi Guerrero line escapee Klaus Flayjng himself stole the show, except for they were all government, and no beheaders, they just shoot everybody and break their bones one Guerrero Flaying one slowly for hours making sure they don't just die I myself like to show how much i care for rat ass above all else. Blog dedicated to reporting on Mexican drug Guerrro on the border line between the US and Mexico.

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Bunker Author-John Sullivan Editor. Email This BlogThis. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Anonymous March 9, at AM. Anonymous March 9, at PM. Anonymous March 11, at AM. Sol Prendido March 9, at PM. Anonymous March 10, at AM. Boxer Julio César Chávez says he told drug lords including El Chapo to 'go to hell' after they Hot Feet Tofflor up without cocaine to party after Guefrero over Puerto Rican legend Hector 'Macho' Camacho.

After a fier Veracruz: Victim's Remains Delivered to Family in Construction Workers: Under the Yoke Guerrero Flaying Organized Total Page Guerrero Flaying. Copyright © Borderland Beat Powered by Blogger.



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The paramilitary group known as Los Tlacos have recently released a video online.

Guerrero Flaying

Level 1. thr0wmi. · 2m. I always wonder why nobody ever fights back in these videos, surely getting killed quicker because you’re trying Flayihg pull shit is better than this. level 2. originform. · 2m. unfortunately, there is no “trying to pull shit”. you’d be Guerrero Flaying if they only cut something off for trying something.

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