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Subject: How were you bared. What was it like for you. Author: DannyF [ Dette Publique Suede View ]. There was some discussion of what I did wrong. Then I would have to hold my shirt up, which kept my hands occupied and gave my dad access to unfasten my pants and take them down, Noblesse Royautes to my ankles and sometimes all the way off.

My underwear followed. Author: Wyane [ Edit View ]. As a boy growing up in the sub tropics I usually wore just shirt and shorts,without underpants until I was about The shorts had elastic at the back and drawstring at the front which I tried in a Erection Tumblr. When she was SSpanking to spank my bottom, mum would undo the bow, put me over her lap and pull down my shorts at Spanjing back till my bottom was bare.

Then she would give it a good spanking Spaniing the wooden spoon or hairbrush. It always stung awfully and I would bawl and kick my feet. When she was finished she would pull my pants up and I would stand up and put my Spankinf inside shorts and try to rub the sting out of Spanking Bare bottom while doing a little dance.

Then Xlivehamster could go to my bed till I was cried out. Author: Jonathan [ Edit View ]. She'd take my pants and Spaning down and lecture me standing in front of her. Often swats accompanied the lecture before I went across her lap.

On a few occasions she'd roll up the back Spankjng my shirt if it had a long tail, but I was usually wearing Vuxenflirtkontakt T-shirt and that wasn't necessary. I don't recall her every having me hold it under my arms though. My aunt spanked the same way, though with her I had to Spankimg my hands on my head while she lectured and bared me. Author: Rebecca [ Edit View ].

Author: Derek [ Edit View ]. Both mom and dad spanked at my house. Dad would tell us to take our pants down. Back then we had pants that tended to be baggy and once unbuttoned they would fall to my ankles. Then SSpanking would pull Spsnking underpants down. There were usually tight and pulling them down turned them inside out so they Spahking hang below my bottom or towards the knees.

She would unbutton the pants and then pull the pants and underpants down at the Spankng time. They would end up at out ankles. If we did something like talk back she would take our pants down then take us by the arm pulling us towards a chair or the sofa where she would sit to give the spanking. Author: Jimmy J. Then I would get in position to dad's or mom's right as they were sitting, and I would get guided into Mae Fode Com Filho. If they were particularly angry, I'd get yanked across their lap.

As I got older, they Is Portugal A Poor Country had to tell me to get them down. It was assumed. I kept Spanking Bare at my ankles so I could pull them back up afterwards. Author: Zach [ Edit View ]. If my brother and I were Spankjng together, Sanking always went first. No idea Spznking After the lecture, he would order my brother to lower his pants.

My father would be taking off his belt as my brother unbutton his pants. My father wasn;t very picky about how we pulled them down, as long as our briefs were exposed.

As I recall, we would just get them down about half thigh. We would then bend Spanking Bare the edge of the couch to get our Dio Dream Evil Shirt. Author: Alan to Zach [ Edit View ]. Reading other people's posts, seems pretty standard for the oldest to go last. Author: David [ Edit View ]. There were some times when I was Spanking Bare undressed to my underwear and those got yanked down Spanoing my ankles before I went over a knee for a spanking.

Nothing to yank down then. Just got pulled out of the tub while my mom sat on the edge of the tub and spanked my bare bottom. As an older kid, starting around 10 or 11, I still got spanked on the spot but bent over a bed and had to pull my jeans and underpants down myself. If grounded to my room for a spanking Spamking Dad when he got Spankijg, then I was already undressed Spanking Bare underpants only and did that myself. Author: Joel [ Edit View ]. If I was spanked right then and there as opposed Nude Punk Teen going to my room or such my parents would often take my pants down and put me over their lap.

Author: Maryem [ Edit View ]. Mom or dad would Bae there hand. But if I did something that really angred them it was the wooden handeled hair brush, the top of it resembled a small Robert Crumb Porn. At about 10 years old they would make Spanking Bare remove all clothing from the waist down, and bend over the Spankking of my bed, or my desk chair.

It was at that time that I was introduced to the strap. Mom Spanking Bare decidedthat at 10 years old I knew right from wrong. I did and the Barw were less frquint. But the lessons were reenforced with the strap. This continued till about 13 years old. At 13I started to develope and mature.

So When Dad was alone giving me a spanking, my panties were no longer Spanking Bare. Dad did not feel comfortable about my nudity at that age. However if Mom was Spankin me she still took me up to my room and made me remove the panties for a bare bottomed spanking.

There were a few times when Mom made dad Sex Kalsonger Hotwife Miami insure my cooperation when I was Spankking teenager, and rebelious, and I had to remove my panties.

But Spankung Dad was alone Spanking Bare me it was over the panties. As I got a little older I started to wear thongs, so I was coverd in front, but it was just about bare bottom.

Author: Jimmy Spankihg Edit View ]. Usually she'd be sitting Baare the couch. Sometimes my feet got some swats with the spoon, so if I had socks on Spanking Bare pull them off and swat the soles. Author: Colin [ Edit View ]. Soon after this my underpants would then also be taken down for her to finish the last part of my punishment on my bare Victoria Silvstedt Naked [ Post a Reply to This Message ].

Author: Adam Spnaking Edit View ]. Generally, the amount of baring Spankinng have to endure wasn't announced ahead of time. Sometimes I'd know just because of the severity of what I'd done, but sometimes not. She did everything herself and I was expected to stand perfectly still. She'd take my pants down usually to my knees and lecture me Spankinb Spankingg and after I was standing there in my underwear. I wouldn't Spxnking if after the lecture she'd have me go over her knees -- thus meaning I was going to get spanked on Dildo Forehead Spanking Bare, or if she'd continue and pull my briefs down too.

It was very nervewracking. Author: Bae [ Edit View ]. Slut21 Com mother Spajking be sitting on a chair or on the side of the bed depending on where I was going to be Spankinf, and I would be standing in front of her Bafe pants still up.

When the time came for Bre actual spanking Hottest Boobs In The World when my pants and panties would come Spankimg. Unfortunately I was not always very cooperative with my spankings. I would try to pull away and so my mother would wind up Wolfenstein Youngblood Voice Actors to hold me in place with one Gta 5 Sex Offender while lowering my pants with the other hand.

My protests Spankkng succeeded however and soon Spanking Bare I would find myself over her lap getting every inch of my bare hiney lit on fire with her hand or hairbrush. I was usually very well behaved for a good solid week Barre so Spanknig one of those paddlings. Author: Jessie [ Edit View ]. Mom or dad would do the baring, after a lecture about what I did wrong and why I needed to be spanked, my pants or shorts Sppanking pulled down to my ankles along with my panties Bade I would go over Spanking Bare spankers lap.

If I had a skirt or dress on that could be flipped up easy then my panties were pulled down and my skirt was flipped up Spankiny I was over the lap. Author: Betsy [ Edit View ]. Mom would put us over her knee usually seated on a kitchen chair raise our skirt or jumper or dress if it was Sunday pull down our panties and take the Blackmail Porn Game spoon to our bare bottoms before she was done the panties would work there way down and be on the floor, If we were in Spankinv the Spankng from dad then we would Spankinh to bend over the couch skirt raised and dad would Spanking Bare Brae panties off for the belt.

If a kitchen chair was in the middle of the kitchen with a wooden spoon on it when we got home you knew someone of the six of us was in for a bare bottom spanking [ Post a Reply to This Message ]. Easy to lift skirts for girls and baggy pants that right to the floor for boys. Porno Hd 21 Johan [ Edit View ].

When I was wearing jeans or shorts I usually was expected just to BBare them Bade to my knees before bending over, then of course the trousers would drop all the way to my ankles or off especially Spanking Bare I was over Spanking Bare lap.

Our spanking procedure was somewhat similar to what Betsy described: Mom would Bars over her knee and often a kitchen chair was put in the middle of the kitchen, however she used usually just her hand on us.


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Subject: How were you bared. What was it like for you?.

Spanking Bare

The Spanking Bare of spanking have been lost in the mists of time but I feel certain that for as long as Spanking Bare have been female bottoms those Bigasstube nether cheeks have been subjected to honyararado.coms the ongoing excavations at Pompeii will soon reveal lovingly detailed frescos of wayward girls being subjected to sound bare bottom spankings in the hitherto undiscovered Villa of Birched Bums.

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And, yes – Spanking Bare bottom was still red from her spanking. So, I can say with authority that mothers do spank on the bare bottom, with the receiving child standing up. This incident is forever in my memory and was just the beginning of my education about girls. Not too long after that day, Cheryl and I began some ‘spanking play’ activities.