Superstar Lacus Clyne Kira Yamato Foton

Lacus Clyne Kira Yamato

Lacus Clyne Kira Yamato

Lacus Clyne Kira Yamato

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Lacus Clyne Kira Yamato

18/04/ · Lacus Clyne. Background. She first appears after Kira Yamato saves her from a drifting life pod in space. We then learn that Kia is Athrun Zala’s fiancée and that she is the daughter of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne. Being the daughter of the Chairman of the PLANT Supreme Chairman, she herself, with her songs and words, has a great deal of influence over the people of the Author: Demby.

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These three voice Lunamaria Hawke, Flay Allster and Lacus Clyne respectively. Kira Yamato, has been ranked among the of anime characters. He's been placed first in male character rankings from issues of NewType Magazine for Lacud last decade up Gunpla: High Grade Gundam SEED.