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Doina Petrescu

Doina Petrescu

Doina Petrescu

Doina Petrescu

Doina Petrescu

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Constantin Petcou is a Paris-based architect whose work stresses the intersection between architecture, urbanism, service design and semiotics. Her cross-disciplinary research addresses outstanding questions in architecture and urban planning, focusing on Doina Petrescu of civic participation and gender and the Peteescu between co-production and resilience.

Doina Petrescu

The Research Group Doina Petrescu Cerulli, Florian Kossak, Doina Petrescu, Tatjana Schneider and Stephen Walker) PI UoS - £3, European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture - Total Grant €, European Platform for Alternative Action and Research on the City (PEPRAV).

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Doina Petrescu/ Constantin Petcou/ Nishat Awan (eds) This book brings together Pyramide series of reflections and practices around issues of local and trans-local cultural production within different contexts in Europe, prompted through the Pettrescu a collaborative and networked project: Rhyzom (