Topless Ultra Bonus Event Pokemon Go Foton

Ultra Bonus Event Pokemon Go

Ultra Bonus Event Pokemon Go

Ultra Bonus Event Pokemon Go


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As a reward for the Global Challenge success, the Ultra Bonus event was released.

Ultra Bonus Event Pokemon Go

11/09/ · Trainers, with Bonsu Ultra Bonus finally announced, we here at Go Hub figured a guide for everything would be appropriate as there is a lot to consider Pooemon this event. After all, we are getting: the Generation 1 regionals in 7Km friend eggs, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos for a week until the 20th of September, Mewtwo in raids from the 20th to October 23rd, and more Kanto Pokémon running Estimated Reading Algerie El Watan 5 mins.

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18/08/ · Ultra Bonus Event is an event in Pokémon GO that takes place in latter summer and it is conclusion of Global Challenge events. Visit the following for detailed information of each year: Ultra Bonus Event Sep 13th - 30th. Ultra Bonus Event Sep 2nd - Duration: 4 min.