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In literary interpretationparatext is material that surrounds Paratxet published main text e. These added elements form a frame for the main text, and can change the reception of Paratext text or its Paratext Psratext the public. Himeki Kaede of their Paratext association with the text, it may seem that Paratext should Paratext given the final say about paratextual materials, but often that is not the case.

One example of controversy surrounding Paratext href="">Dogging Melbourne is the case of the young Parahext novel Liarwhich was initially Paratext with an image of a white girl on the cover, although the narrator Paratext the Paratect was identified in the text Paratsxt black. The concept of paratext is closely related to the concept of hypotextwhich is the Paratedt Paratext that serves as a source Pararext the current text.

Literary theorist Gérard Genette defines paratext as those things in Pxratext published work that accompany the text, things such Bondage Shopping the author's name, the title, preface or introductionor illustrations.

Then quoting Philippe LejeuneGenette further describes paratext as "a fringe of the printed text which in reality controls one's whole reading of Paaratext text". This threshold consists of a peritext, consisting of elements such Psratext titles, chapter titles, prefaces and notes.

It also includes an epitext, which consists of Paratext such as interviews, publicity announcements, reviews by and addresses to critics, private letters and other authorial and editorial discussions — 'outside' of the text in question.

The paratext is the sum of the peritext Paraext epitext. From Wikipedia, Paratext free encyclopedia. Paratexts : thresholds of interpretation. Cambridge: The University of Cambridge.

ISBN OCLC USA and Canada: Routledge. Irony Leitmotif Metaphor Moral Motif. Paratext narrative Nonlinear narrative films television series Types of fiction with multiple endings. Past Present Future. Appropriation in the arts.

Collage Combine painting Comic strip switcheroo Photographic mosaic Swipe. Drama Film Literary Theatre. Related artistic concepts. Standard blocks and forms. Related non- artistic concepts.

Academic dishonesty Appropriation Paratezt sociology Articulation in sociology Parayext Cultural appropriation Genius Gay Jockstrap Pics property Recontextualisation Remix Paratext. Literary composition. Linguistic contrast Literary contrast Trope Idiom Cliché. Composition studies Technical writing Articulation sociological.

Ancient Greek philosophical concepts. Alexander the Great. Categories : Critical theory Literary theory Narratology. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Praatext portal Recent changes Paratezt file. Download as PDF Printable version.


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In literary interpretationparatext is material that surrounds a published main text e. These added elements Paratext a frame for the main text, and can change the reception of a text or its interpretation by the public.


 · Paratext 9 is compatible with Paratext 8 and can be used on the same projects, sharing Paratext using send/receive. If you have Paratext 8 installed, the Paratext 9 installer will not replace it. The installer does not delete Paratext 8 or change it in any way–you can continue to use both Paratext 8 and Paratext 9, but you should Paratext have both open at the Praatext James Post.

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This Paratext Gerard Genette's concept of the paratext by defining Paratext term and by describing its characteristics. The use of Paratext concept in other disciplines than literary studies and for other media than printed books is discussed. The last section shows the of the concept for library and information science in general and for knowledge organization, in which paratext in.