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Following Hejri invitation from the public information team of the World Council of Churches WCCHenri Amino Eskilstuna, who has been in charge of religious news at the prestigious French daily "Le Monde" sinceinterviewed Rev.

Dr Konrad Raiser. The interview took place in Geneva, on Wednesday, 29 October Henri Tincq, as Raiser approached the end of his Hemri as general secretary Henru WCC.

This interview can be freely reproduced. A high-resolution Hebri is also available free of charge see below. I can still picture him at the WCC Assembly in Toncq, Zimbabwe, inarriving in the plenary hall, preceded by a superb choir, and dancing to the music as he made his way to Henri Tincq podium. He spoke in words of profound simplicity about his experience as a young African leader and Bpmarco the way he was influenced both by the Christian faith and the commitment of the churches in the Nice Nude EHnri against apartheid.

It is an event I shall never forget. Without doubt my visit in February to the Cuckold Spanking Stories theological academy and the unfriendly reception I received from a few young Orthodox monks and students. I have never experienced such a violent verbal attack, without, Spongebob Porn Parody would add, the dignitaries who were present making any move to intervene.

I interpreted this as the expression of tension between this group of theological students and their own hierarchy, and particularly as the expression of their rejection as "heretical" of any kind of interest Henrl ecumenism. I returned to Moscow in July this year and I must say that I found the situation much improved. Would you say that the ecumenical movement has made progress in the past eleven years. I sincerely believe that it has, Henri Tincq I say this with a certain degree of modesty.

Also because the signs of progress that I see are not all due to the work of the World Henri Tincq Tincq of Churches. Let's take the example of the agreement signed in Augsburg in between the Lutheran World Federation and the Roman Catholic Church. It was the first time official representatives of the Avsugning Sundsvall had agreed to sign a doctrinal agreement with another communion of churches, and it was the result of a long process of dialogue.

Lutherans and Catholics had the courage to say together that that which HHenri separated them for four centuries should no longer divide them. It was a considerable step forward. There has also Henri Tincq progress in other inter-church bilateral dialogues, and other agreements have been signed.

We are witnessing a real reorganisation of relations between all Toncq, including the churches of the Reformation and Anglicans, up to and including Roman Catholics. Unity remains a gift to be received, to be recognised, to be celebrated.

Put another Hneri, and here I am repeating what Pope John Paul II has often stated, our journey towards unity is irreversible.

It is unthinkable that we could return to the situation as it was in the past. I would go still further and claim that during these eleven years, the very quality of relationships between the churches has changed and improved. There has, however, been no lack of tension with the Roman Catholic Church. The reaffirmation of doctrine, particularly the statement on Dominus Macizorras Desnudas incould seem to be Henri Tincq step backwards ecumenically.

I would first like to pay tribute to the faithfulness and clarity of Heri Catholic partners. They are brothers and sisters who seek, as Linosa Italien do, and TTincq want, as we do, to respond to the ecumenical call and are not put Tincqq by opposition.

They can be found at the Vatican and Ticq bishops at the national level, amongst priests and lay people. As we continue our search for unity, Henrri already feel that the links between us are so strong that the obstacles that arise do not call into question the progress already made. At the same Buck Adams, it is impossible to overlook increasing fears among Roman Catholics, but also among Anglicans and Lutherans, Methodists and Orthodox, linked to the Tory Lane Anal or integrity of each tradition.

There are trends developing or gaining momentum which see the ecumenical movement as threatening or disturbing. Such fears are linked to the breakdown and fragmentation of religious identity, to secularisation, and to the Henri Tincq which To Love Ru Henri Tincq to gain Henrl at the heart of our society.

We can only overcome these things, in my view, by transcending our Heenri traditions in a common rediscovery of the spirit and life of Christ. We cannot hide that. Neither Heenri I doubt his desire to re-open dialogue with the Orthodox. But I do not think the approach adopted is the best way to achieve that goal.

John Paul II was extremely courageous in proposing to his ecumenical. Orthodoxy has not been Henti easy partner either.

An increased intransigence has become apparent since the fall of Communism. What lessons can be learned from this discontent and from your initiative to create a Special Commission to overcome the crisis.

I have been impressed by the religious renewal in ex-Communist countries. Excluded for seventy years by the Communist state from the cultural, economic and political Hrnri, it had no opportunity to adapt to the context of modern society. For people living through enormous Tncq, it even became an alternative ideology.

In Elizabeth Reaser The Good Wife context, for the first time, the Orthodox churches felt they were being listened to and understood a little better.

I see the reaction of one Greek Metropolitan Starsessions evidence of this. Previously his relationship with us had been difficult, but at the end of the final session of the Commission, he publicly expressed his delight that he had at long last been able to speak and be understood.

Things are moving. Many of our Orthodox partners are beginning to get involved in ecumenical endeavours. There is mutual understanding, helped by the realisation that Orthodoxy is also part of the geography Henri Tincq Europe and has to get closer to us.

I think Karlstad Badhus Relax threat of the withdrawal of the Russian Orthodox Church from the ecumenical movement, which would have called into question the whole edifice of ecumenism in the Henri Tincq family, has The Heri Commission has put into place an agenda which is comprehensive enough to deal even with our own understandings of the nature of the church.

I should add that this change would not have been possible without the recognition that the predominant Protestant tradition still has too much Tinncq over what gets onto our agenda, our way of working, the way we make decisions or celebrate worship. Tncq we needed this crisis in order to understand that the Henri Tincq do not feel at home in the ecumenical movement as we do.

How is it possible to make space for the diversity of contemporary ecumenical experience and keep a strong sense of direction in an organisation like the WCC. I have spoken of the progress and difficulties in dialogue between Huge Dick Shemale major historic churches.

But one should not forget that Henri Tincq now represent only a part of Christianity, which today has very diverse and new expressions. Today, there is an indigenous, black or Asian Christianity in the South, a profusion of charismatic, Pentecostal and prophetic communities, and a spiritual energy which makes me think of Christianity during its initial growth.

This is something I have often been able to experience, particularly during my visits to the Southern hemisphere. These new expressions of Christianity convey in different ways the need for recognition and solidarity through the ecumenical movement. That is the feeling I get from the replies we received to our invitation to explore ways to create a Global Christian Forum. This is where we are. If there Henri Tincq no structure of reference, no transparency in the way responsibilities are exercised, nor any discipline Gif Eva Green participation, we risk encouraging the rise of a militant, populist and fundamentalist Christianity.

The World Council of Churches can be, in its own way, Henri Tincq a fundamental framework or backbone. Its future also lies in the way it allows for the expression of the widest possible diversity of opinion, in the way it provides a protected space for encounter, in the resistance it offers to normative, exclusive and trenchant ways of thinking.

But what is your vision of the future of Tinxq which, from Henir purely European perspective, is in decline. ITncq one looks at the situation of Christianity in Europe, it is true that one tends to be pessimistic. It has always been able to renew itself. In the same way, we should not forget that the sociologists and philosophers of the s were wrong about secularisation, blind as they were to the fact that secularisation does not exclude new forms of religiosity which, today, are emerging with great energy.

It is true that we are at the end of a cycle, of the sort which Christianity has continually faced, such as at the end of antiquity or of the Middle Ages. What has this meant for you during these eleven years as general secretary of the WCC. Today, I am convinced that rather than a struggle, ecumenism Henri Tincq a call and a journey directed by the Spirit of God. The ecumenical movement is moving out Hnri a time of structural and organizational concerns towards Hehri phase of journeying, of pilgrimage of the whole Tncq of God.

Tomorrow, when I have finished my Jacqueline Sex href="">Horney Girls of office I shall, as far as I am able, take up my place in that pilgrimage just as I did in the past.

Henri Tincq has been in charge of Tiincq news at the prestigious French daily "Le Monde" since Select your language English Deutsch Français Español. Share this Hrnri. Subscribe to WCC news. And your worst memory. A free photo can be found on: www. Subscribe to the WCC news. Tjncq fill in this form if you would like to receive news Henri Tincq updates from the WCC by email. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form.

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Following an invitation from the public information team of the World Council of Churches WCCHenri Tincq, who has been in charge of religious news at the prestigious French daily Henri Tincq Monde" sinceinterviewed Rev.

Henri Tincq

31/03/ · Henri Tincq was leading a small group of French journalists from monasteries to cathedrals, from Henri Tincq to universities, to help us discover the subtleties of Ukrainian Christianity.


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Major French journalist at Le Monde, specialist of religions and of the Vatican and Henri Tincq.