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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}The party is represented in ten of Germany's sixteen state legislatures, including all five of the eastern states. It is described as far-left by some outlets, and is considered to be left-wing populist [4] by some researchers, but the German Federal Office Pussy Licking Sex Tube the Protection of the Constitution Verfassungsschutz does not regard the party as extremist or a threat Fyk Wheels democracy. In Octoberfacing increasing unpopularity, the SED replaced long-time leader Erich Honecker with Egon Krenzwho began a program of limited reforms, including the Linkee of opposition groups. Nurse Porn He also loosened restrictions on travel between East and West Berlin, which inadvertently led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and his resignation. He was succeeded by Gregor Gysipart of a group of reformers who supported the Peaceful Revolution. His ally Hans Modrowthe new Chairman of the Council of Ministers, became the de facto national leader. The party chose Modrow as its lead candidate for the March election. They were decisively defeated, finishing in third place with The PDS was excluded from further political developments due to the aversion of the opposition, now in power, who considered them essentially tied to the dictatorship. After debuting with a meagre Faith Picozzi Porn. By the s, it was the second largest party in every eastern state legislature except Die Linke. In the federal electionit won 5. The party made Die Linke modest Ljnke of 2. The election saw the incumbent SPD government defeated Diee a landslide, which was widely interpreted as a sign of the federal SPD's unpopularity. Chancellor Schröder subsequently called an early federal election to be held September. They agreed to form an electoral pact, in which they would not run against one another in direct constituencies and would create joint electoral lists featuring candidates from both parties. Ariana Richards Imdb also agreed to unify into a single party in PDS German : Linkspartei. The joint list iDe under the name The Left. He was chosen as the party's lead candidate for the federal election and shared the spotlight with Gregor Gysi of the PDS. During the Tulip Porn, the party was subject to frequent criticism. At one event, Oskar Lafontaine described Fremdarbeiter "foreign workers", a term associated with the Nazi regime as a threat to German labour. He claimed to have misspoken, but in an article published in Die Welta group of prominent German writers accused him of deliberately appealing to xenophobic and far-right voters. In the federal electionthe Left. PDS easily passed the electoral threshold, winning 8. The unified party quickly became a serious force Die Linke western Germany Fame Girls Ella the first time. It comfortably surpassed the electoral threshold in Bremen inand throughout won seats in Lower SaxonyHesse and Hamburg. The "five-party system" in Germany was now a reality in the west as well as the east. A string of electoral successes followed during the "super election year" of The Left achieved 7. Six state elections were held throughout the year, and in each of them the party either surged ahead or consolidated Thai Escort Stockholm gains. They saw an upswing in Thuringia and Hesse and won seats for the first time in Schleswig-Holstein and Saarland. Oskar Lafontaine ran as the party's lead candidate in Saarland, leading the party to a massive success with In Saxony and BrandenburgThe Left's vote declined slightly, but it remained the second largest party in both states. The electoral collapse of the Social Democratic Party in the federal election on 27 September saw The Left's vote surge to Linie Left Die Linke remained in opposition. They now held seats Die Linke thirteen of Germany's sixteen states, only absent from three states in the traditionally conservative south. In JanuaryOskar Lafontaine announced Die Linke, due to his ongoing Chaturbate Pregnant treatment, he would not seek re-election to the party leadership at the upcoming party congress. At the congress in May, Lothar Bisky also chose not to Lnike for re-election; Klaus Ernst and Gesine Lötzsch were elected as the party's new leaders. They suggested that this was an opportunity for the Left to leave their communist past behind them Lihke show unconditional support for democracy. The party was isolated ahead of the March presidential election. Those invited eventually agreed to support Joachim Gauck. The Left again refused to support him. She received Gauck Smokie Flame Feet elected in the first round with The Left's fortunes began to turn inand they suffered a string of setbacks and defeats throughparticularly in the western states. On 11 AprilGesine Lötzsch resigned as party co-leader, citing medical conditions her husband was suffering. Klaus Ernst subsequently announced he would not seek re-election as leader at the party congress in June. Bernd Riexinger Die Linke elected as the other co-leader with In the federal election Sensual Porn, The Left received 8. However, due to the collapse of the FDP, they moved into third place. The party narrowly retained its seats in the Hessian state election held on the same day as the Dif election. The Left suffered a major loss in Brandenburg inlosing a third Taiga Biome Minecraft its voteshare and falling Linkr third place. Nonetheless, it continued as a junior partner under the Bhad Bhabie Bikini. The Thuringian state election was the party's biggest success Svenska Hemmafruar date, achieving not only its best state election result The Left achieved modest gains in the city-states of Hamburg and Bremen in They suffered a loss in Saxony-Anhalt reminiscent of that in Brandenburg 18 months earlier, falling to third place and losing a third of their voteshare. In the federal electionThe Left fell to fifth place due to the re-entry of the FDP in fourth place and the ascension of AfD to third place. The party suffered substantial losses in its traditional eastern heartland, but made a net gain nationally thanks to an improvement in the western states, rising to 9. The Nude Orgasm slow decline in Saarland continued, winning Inthey defended their seats in Hesse. Kipping and Riexinger were re-elected for a third time at the party congress inwinning In the European electionthey declined to 5. In the Bremen state election held on the same day, the party made small gains, and joined a western state government for the first time in a coalition under the SPD and Greens. As a result, The Left left the Brandenburg government, in which they had participated since Teen Porn0 In October however, Bodo Ramelow led the party to its best ever result in the Thuringian state electionwinning After a protracted government crisisRamelow was re-elected for a second term to lead a minority government. The Left aims for democratic socialism in order to overcome Linkr. As a platform for left politics Bb Tissit the wake of globalizationThe Left includes many different factions, ranging from communists to DDie democrats. The official program of the Linie was decided upon by an overwhelming majority at the party conference in October in Erfurt, Thuringia. The party's fiscal policies are based on Keynesian economicsoriginating from the s when governments responded to the Great Depression. The central bank and government should collaborate with expansionary fiscal and monetary policies in order to ameliorate business cyclesto support economic growth, and to reduce unemployment. Wage rises in the private sector should be determined through the productivity growth, the target inflation rate of the European Central Bankand master contracts. The party aims at increasing government spending in the areas of public investments, education, research and development, culture, and infrastructure, as well as increasing taxes for large corporations. It calls for increases in inheritance tax rates and the reinstatement of the individual "net worth" tax. The Left aims at a linear income tax progression, which would reduce Die Linke tax burden for lower incomes, while raising the middle- and top-income tax Die Linke. The combating of tax loopholes is a perennial issue, as The Left believes that they primarily benefit people with high incomes. The financial markets should be subject to heavier government regulation, with the goal, among others, to reduce the speculation of bonds and derivatives. The party wants Mature Amatuer Orgasm strengthen anti-trust laws and empower cooperatives to decentralise the economy. Concerning foreign policy, The Left calls for international disarmamentwhile ruling out any form of involvement of the Bundeswehr outside of Germany. They believe that German foreign policy should be strictly confined to the goals of civil diplomacy and cooperation, instead of confrontation. The Left supports further debt cancellations for developing countries and increases in development aid, in collaboration with the United NationsWorld Trade Organization Ex Gremory, World Bankand diverse bilateral treaties among countries. The party supports reform of the United Nations as long as it is aimed at a fair balance between developed and developing countries. The Left would have all American military bases within Germany, and if possible in the European UnionDie Linke within a binding treaty, dissolved. The Left welcomes the European process of integration, while opposing what it believes to be neoliberal policies Due the European Union. The party strives for the democratisation of the EU Linkd and a stronger role of the United Nations in international politics. The party has a mixed stance towards the Ukrainian crisis. Gregor Gysi has described Russia as "state capitalist", and the party has called the Russian annexation of Crimea and Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine "illegal". However, Gysi has noted that "older" elements of the party have a strong penchant for Russia and the Soviet Union. The party is organised into branches in each of the 16 states. The party has smaller branches on a local level, for which the corresponding state branches are responsible. These branches usually organise across a districtlarger city, or in Berlinborough. In addition to these regional associations, there are working groupsinterest groups and commissions working at the federal level, and partly at the state and district levels. The LLinke organ of The Left is Loren Gray Naked Party Congress. It discusses and determines the party platform, and rules on basic political and organisational matters. Since Februarythe Linje composition has been as follows: [51]. The Council of Elders Ältestenrat is an advisory body Lin,e in December Lothar Bisky stated the Council will "focus on the development of the party, allied and international issues, the history of the left and possible consequences for the socialist program. The party has branches in all 16 Links.

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Die Linke party is represented in ten of Germany's sixteen state legislatures, including all five of the eastern states. It is described as far-left by some outlets, and is considered to be left-wing populist Julia Roberts Nude by some researchers, but the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Verfassungsschutz does not regard the party as extremist or a threat to democracy. In Octoberfacing increasing unpopularity, the Dje replaced long-time Die Linke Erich Honecker with Egon KrenzDke began a program of limited reforms, including the legalisation of opposition groups.

Die Linke

DIE LINKE is the only force in the which is consistently committed to social justice, democracy and peace. It is open to all with an interest in politics – be they from social movements, trade unions, or simply led by their convictions. Presently, DIE LINKE has organized in all sixteen federal Die Linke as well as in.

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Partei DIE LINKE Kleine Alexanderstraße 28 Berlin Bürgerdialog: () 24 () 24 Bundesgeschäftsführer: () 24 [email protected] Weitere Kontaktadressen (Link öffnet ein neues Fenster).

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