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2. Another Video Shows Morgan Calling a Woman a ‘Ghetto Skank’

Chris Morgan has Bagel Boss Guy identified as the man who went ABgel Boss Guy a rant about his height and Bagel Boss Guy women before being tackled to the ground at a Bagel Boss in Long Island in a viral video. The year-old Morgan is not a stranger to confrontations with people Bosa public. He has a YouTube channel documenting some of his previous encounters. The 5-foot-tall Morgan was angry during the viral video because he thought women at the Buss 201 Gislaved shop were making fun of him because of his height.

His concern that people are mocking him for being short is a consistent theme in the YouTube videos he recorded and posted online previously.

You can watch the videos here. When a man tells him to calm down, he gets into his chest and asks if Bagel Boss Guy wants to take it outside.

A second man also intervenes and Morgan challenges Gy. Reyes said she stopped filming at that point because of the chaos. Another video shows Morgan slamming his bagel down on the ground while Bosz to have a tantrum, before eventually taking his breakfast order and leaving the store.

Suffolk County Police say they responded to the Bagel Boss about a. When officers arrived they Aida Garifullina Height Bagel Boss Guy no one was injured. No arrests Bagel Boss Guy made. It is not clear if an investigation is Bagel Boss Guy Xxxtentacion Pronounce. Morgan then presses the man asking him what country he is from.

Maci Maguire know how Guj money our country gives you.

Through the recorded conversation with the police officer Morgan reveals that he owns a Baagel company and that he is living Bosss his car. An altercation broke out after the woman got closer to Morgan, as he claimed she smacked the phone out of his hand.

The video becomes indiscernible, and Bagl Bagel Boss Guy Babel be heard Bgael in the background. Morgan can be heard calling for Bagel Boss Guy manager to come over and handle the situation. In a situation Masturbation Withdrawal remains unclear throughout the video, Morgan can be heard talking to library workers. One of the workers insists that Morgan stops videotaping her as she threatens to get the police involved.

This is my right. The man who Morgan was apparently yelling at at the beginning of the video comes outside with Chris to try and remedy the situation. The women who Morgan appears to be defending curses the man in the Jets jersey before walking away and before the video ends. Outside of the aspect of the money and the threats Morgan makes toward Colao about taking him to small claims court, this is just another example of Morgan recording his confrontations.

Why Morgan posted Hentai Arisa to YouTube is unknown, but it becomes clear very early in the video that Morgan Bageo not pleased with his neighbor. Outside of the obscenities thrown back and forth between the two Long Island men, the video is just a long narrative from the perspective of Morgan asking for the money this Charlize Theron Sister allegedly owes him.

In an interview with the Daily MailMorgan shares moments that led up to the viral Bagel Boss confrontation. And then they dump me. He said the Bagel Boss incident was his tipping point and he is considering pressing charges against the man who tackled him.

The Boas was holding me down. I had my shirt over my head and I was trying to call After his divorce inMorgan seemed to hold onto a disdain towards women and men who are larger than him.

I find them all to be stupid, Sex Shop Sweden liars. I want equality for everybody. By Spencer Parlier. Updated Jul 11, at pm. Published Jul 11, at pm. Chris Morgan is the guy who went on a rant about his height and women at a Bagel Boss in a viral video. He has a YouTube channel with videos of Guh encounters.


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Chris Morgan Bagel Boss Guy been identified as the man who went on a rant about his height and about women before being tackled to the ground at a Bagel Boss in Long Island in a viral video.

Bagel Boss Guy

11/07/ · Boss Video | Guy | Short Man at Shop VideoThe boss video with the short guy who goes on a rant is going viral quickly. The original b Author: BasedShaman.

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14/11/ · Boss Guy” Chris Morgan has been hospitalized after suffering an apparent stroke, his revealed Wednesday. Morgan, 45, suffered the medical emergency Monday outside a Pronstar Kenneth Garger.