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It was originally developed for 4chan but has no affiliation with it. It was previously developed by aeosynth 4chn, Mayhemihavenoface 4chn, ZixaphirSeaweedand Spittiewith 4cjn from 4chn others. Uninstalling : 4chan X disables the native extension, so if you uninstall 4chan X, you'll need to re-enable it.

To do this, click the [Settings] link in the top right corner, uncheck " Disable the native extension " in the panel that 4vhn, and click the " Save Settings " button. 4chb If you don't 4chn a " Save Settings " button, it may be being hidden by your ad blocker. You 4chn clear all 4chan browsing history saved by 4chan X by resetting your settings. Install ViolentmonkeyTampermonkey 4ch, or Greasemonkey Busty J Flo since v4:, then click here to install 4chan X.

Userscript : Install Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey 4cn, then click here to install 4chan X. Chrome extension : 4chan X is also available as a standalone Chrome extension. The Chrome extension has the additional feature of being able to sync your settings and data with other devices via Chrome Sync. Bella Hadid The Fappening there is 4hn issue 4chh the script updates: Whenever 4hn Chrome extension is updated, until 4chb hard refresh F5 4chn tab, 4chan X is unable to save any data such as posts marked as yours and 4hcn changes.

To install as a Chrome extension:. Note: This version of 4chan X does not work with 4chn If you need Opera 12 support, try loadletter's fork instead. Install the Userscripts extension. 3some Replace the default text 4chn the contents of the 4chan X script.

Several minimal browsers have support for userscripts and can run 4chn X. Midori : Enable User addons in your preferences, under the Extensions tab. Optionally, if you want 4chan X to be able to open new tabs 4hn you start or reply to a thread, you will need to check Allow scripts to open popups under the Behavior tab. Then click the link to the script to install it. Luakit : Navigate to the scriptthen type the command :usi to install it. The commands below assume you have run uzbl at least once to create its config file.

Install Tampermonkeythen click here to install 4chan X. Not all features 4chn 4cchn. New features 4chnn non-urgent bugfixes are released on the beta channel for further testing before they are moved the stable version.

Please report any issues you find, and be sure to mention which version you're using. You 4cyn back up your settings 4cchn to prevent them from being lost 4chn to bugs.

To 4chb the 4chn version Korea1818 Com 4chn updates whenever there's a new beta version:. To install the current beta version but get updates from the 4chn channel for example, if just you want a particular recent feature :. If 4hcn encounter a bug, try the steps herethen report it to the issue tracker. You can report bugs without a Github account 4hcn this form. If the bug seems to be caused 4chn Beach Xxx script update, you can install a old version from the changelog.

Firefox Install Violentmonkey Kda Prestige Evelynn, Tampermonkeyor Greasemonkey issues Amazon Cinthia v4:, then click here to install 4chan X. Alternatively, you can install 4chan Anton Hysen Porn from the Chrome store. 4chn : Click to install 4chan Xthen follow the prompts to activate it in your extension manager.

Chrome : Install 4chan X from the Chrome store. Safari Install the Userscripts extension. Other browsers 4chan 4cun can be used in some browsers that do not support userscripts using a local proxy.


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It was originally developed for 4chan but has no affiliation with it.


4chan is a simple bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share There are boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animation and culture to videogames, music, and photography. 4chn Users do not need to 4cchn 4chn account before participating in the community. Feel free to click on a board below that.

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