Finaste Jasmine James Measurements Pics

Jasmine James Measurements

Jasmine James Measurements

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Jasmine James Jasmine James Measurements a fan-favorite British pornstar, camgirl and glamour model who has been thrilling fans since Tattoos : A skull on the inside of her right wrist, a large scene across her right thigh of a green-skinned girl surrounded by flowers, Jawmine, bats all set against a purple sky, a design in the centre Kendra Lust Instagram her upper back just below her neckan intricate butterfly and spirals design along the outside of her left forearm and a design along the inside of her right foot.

Jasmine James Measurements

Jasmine James was born on 14 April in London, England, UK. She belongs to the Christian religion and Her Zodiac Sign Aries. Jasmine James Height 5 ft 8 in ( cm) and Weight 60 Kg ( lbs). Her Body Measurements are Inches, Jasmine James waist size Jasmine James Measurements inches, Jasmind hip size 36 inches.

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Jasmine James Was Born On Date 27 September In England, She Was Height Is M And Weigh is 60 Kg Jasmine James Measurements, Jasmine James Was Body Measurement IsShe Was 2 Milion Dollor Networth Permonth, And Income, Jasmine James Was 31 .