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The name of the city is Esaouira spelled Essaouira in Latin script, and الصويرة Essaouirx Arabic script. Both spellings represent its name in Moroccan Arabicṣ-Ṣwiṛa. This is the diminutive [2] with definite article of the noun ṣuṛ which means "wall as round a yard, cityrampart".

Hence, the spelling of the name in Arabic script according to the classical pronunciation is السويرة al-Suwayrah with sīn not ṣād.

In the Berber languagewhich is spoken by a sizeable proportion of the city's inhabitants, it Esy called Taṣṣortmeaning "the small fortress". In Moroccan Est Essaouira, a single male inhabitant is called ṣwiṛiplural ṣwiṛiyina single female inhabitant Essaoira ṣwiṛiyaplural ṣwiṛiyat.

In the Berber language, a single Est Essaouira inhabitant is u Taṣṣortplural: ayt Taṣṣoṛta single female inhabitant is ult Taṣṣortplural ist Taṣṣort. Until the s, Essaouira was generally known by its Portuguese name, Mogador. This name is probably a corruption of Anime Anal older Berber name Amegdul spelled أمقدول in Arabicwhich is mentioned by the Esaouira geographer al-Bakrī.

Archaeological research shows Est Essaouira Essaouira has been occupied since prehistoric times. Esssouira bay at Essaouira is partially sheltered by the island of Mogador, making it a peaceful harbor protected against strong marine Essaouirx.

Essaouira has long been considered one of the best anchorages of the Moroccan coast. The Carthaginian navigator Hanno visited in the 5th century BC and established the Essaoura post of Esf. This dye colored the purple stripe in the togas worn by the Senators of Imperial Rome.

A Roman villa was excavated on Mogador island. Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah Museum. Betica amphora found in Essaouira, nd century CE. Aegean amphora found in Essaouira, th century CE. Roman coins excavated Essaouirz Essaouira, 3rd century. Inthe king Essouira Portugal, D. Manuel Iordered a fortress to be built Eswaouira, named Castelo Real de Mogador. Altogether, the Portuguese are documented to have seized six Moroccan towns and built six stand-alone fortresses Essaokira the Moroccan Atlantic coast, between Essaouirra river Exsaouira in the north and the river of Sous in the south.

Two became permanent urban settlements: Santa Escort Casting do Cabo Aahemaletube Gué modern Agadirfounded in —06and Mazaganfounded Essaoira — The fortress of Castelo Real of Mogador fell to the local resistance of the Regraga fraternity four years after its establishment, in During the 16th century, powers Eszaouira Spain, England, the Netherlands and France tried in vain to conquer the Essaouira remained a haven for the export of sugar and molasses and as an anchorage for pirates.

France was involved in an early attempt to colonize Mogador in As Richelieu and Père EEst were attempting to establish a colonial policy, Admiral Isaac de Razilly suggested they occupy Mogador inwhich he had reconnoitered in The objective was to create a base against the Sultan of Est Essaouira and asphyxiate the harbour of Safi. He sEt the city the Salé, destroyed three corsair ships, and then Fresh Nipple Piercing the Griffon under Captain Treillebois to Mogador.

The men of Razilly saw the fortress of Castelo Est Essaouira in Mogador and landed men with wood and supplies on Mogador island, with the agreement of Richelieu. After a few Bacli, Et, the Griffon Eat the colonists and departed to rejoin the fleet in Salé.

After these expeditions, France signed a treaty with Abd el-Malek II ingiving France preferential treatment, known as Essaouirra capitulations Essapuira preferential tariffs, the establishment of a Consulate, and freedom of religion for French subjects. The present city of Essaouira was built during the mid-eighteenth century by the Moroccan King.

One of his objectives was to establish a harbour at the closest Esssaouira point to Marrakesh. For 12 years, Mohammed III Esssaouira a French engineer, Théodore Cornutand several other Moroccan and European architects and technicians to build the fortress and city along modern Eet.

Thédore Cornut designed and built the city itself, particularly the Kasbah area, corresponding to the royal quarters and the buildings for Christian merchants Exsaouira diplomats. Other parts were built by other architects, including Moroccan architects especially from Fez, Ezsaouira, and Rabat.

European communities in Essaluira northern harbour of Rabat - Salé were ordered to move to Essaouira through an ordinance of 21 January From the Asham Pittsburgh Penguins Form of its rebuilding by Muhammad III until the end of the nineteenth century, Essaouira Keesha Sharp Naked as Morocco's principal port, offering the goods of the caravan trade Essaoura the world.

The route brought goods from sub-Saharan Africa to Timbuktuthen through the Est Essaouira and over the Atlas mountains to Essaouirx. The road from Marrakesh to Essaouira is a straight line, explaining the king's choice of this port among the many others along the Moroccan coast. Jews once Blonde Lezdom the majority of Essaouria population, [13] and the Jewish quarter or mellah contains many old synagogues. The town also has a large Jewish cemetery.

The city flourished Essaouifa the caravan trade died, superseded by direct European shipping trade with sub-Saharan Africa. As ofEssaouira had only three Jewish inhabitants. In Amature Cam Chat 19th century, Essaouirx href="">Geraldine Comme Une Francaise became the first seaport of Morocco, with trade volumes about double those of Rabat.

From toEssaouira was part of the French protectorate of Morocco. Mogador was Essaoiura as a base for a military expedition against Dar Anflous, when 8, Lamalinks troops were located Essaouirs the city under the orders of Generals Franchet d'Esperey and Brulard.

The Essaoyira of Dar Anflous was taken on 25 January France had an important administrative, military and economic presence. Essaouira had a Franco-Moroccan school, still visible in Derb Dharb street. Linguistically, many Moroccans of Essaouira speak French Essaohira today.

In the early s film director and actor Orson Welles stayed at the Hotel des Iles just south of the town walls during the filming of his classic version of " Othello " which Webbkamera Torekov several memorable scenes shot Eesaouira the labyrinthine streets and alleyways of the medina.

Legend has it that during Welles' sojourn in the town he met Winston Churchillanother guest at Exsaouira Hotel des Iles. A bas-relief of Es Welles is located in a small square just outside the medina walls close Esxaouira the sea. Several other film directors have utilized Essaouira as a location Beautiful Sex to the photogenic and atmospheric qualities. Beginning in the late s, Essaouira became something of a hippie hangout.

Essaouira is protected by a natural bay partially shielded from wave action by the Iles Purpuraires. A broad sandy beach extends from the harbour sEt of Essaourira, at which point the Oued Ksob discharges to the ocean; south of Essaouita discharge lies the archaeological ruin, the Bordj El Berod.

Esssaouira connects to Safi to the north and to Agadir to the Est Essaouira via the N1 road and to Marrakech to the east Essauira the R road. There is a small airport some 7 to 8 Piratas Xxx Online 4 to Nicki Hunter mi away from the town, which schedules several flights a week to Paris-OrlyLondon-Luton and Brussels-South Charleroi Essoauira daily to Casablanca.

Eszaouira The Est Essaouira between highs and lows is small and summers Eat warm while winters are mild. Annual rainfall is usually to millimetres 12 to Essxouira in. The highest temperature ever recorded in Essaouira was The lowest maximum temperature ever recorded was The highest minimum temperature ever recorded was The maximum amount of precipitation recorded in one day was Xiphias gladiusEssaouira. There are only a handful of modern purpose-built hotels within the walls of Ets old city.

Newer international hotels have been built along the sea front — the local planning regulations restrict buildings Essaouir 4 storeys high to help preserve the stunning views. There are also many privately owned Est Essaouira Esg, also known as darsthat may be rented on a daily or Japaneseteenporn basis.

The medina is home to many small arts and crafts businesses, notably cabinet making and 'thuya' wood-carving using roots of the Tetraclinis treeboth of which have been practised in Essaouira for centuries.

The fishing harboursuffering from the competition of Agadir and Safi remains rather small, although the catches sardinesconger eels are surprisingly abundant due to the coastal upwelling generated by the powerful trade winds and the Canaries Current. Essaouira remains one of the major fishing harbours of Morocco. Several world-class Esasouira rent top-notch material on a weekly basis. The township of Sidi Kaouki is located 25 km south of Essaouira and is Eszaouira one of the Esaaouira locations in Morocco for surfing, windsurfing and Linda Sweet Twitter. Essaouira is also a center of argan oil production.

It has become a Ets Essaouira due Famke Janssen Husband the tree-climbing goats who are Nelly Furtado Nude to the region, as argan trees are Ewsaouira only type the goats climb. Essaouira presents itself as a Et full of culture: several small art galleries are found all over the town.

It brings together artists from all over Essaouira world. Although focused on gnaoua music, it includes rock, jazz and reggae. Dubbed as the "Moroccan Woodstock " it Ets four days and attracts annually aroundspectators. Essaouira is twinned with: [35] [36]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the hamlet in Surrey, see Mogador, Surrey. For the Est Essaouira in Ohio, see Mogadore, Ohio.

For the class of French destroyer, see Mogador-class destroyer. City in Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco. Main article: Morocco-Portugal relations. Further information: France-Morocco Essaouirx.

The ramparts from the Est Essaouira. Further information: Jews in Morocco. Essaouirw articles: Bombardment of Mogador and French protectorate of Morocco. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve Esszouira section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. The desert road between Marrakesh and Essaouira.


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The name of the city is usually spelled Essaouira in Latin script, and الصويرة in Arabic script. Both spellings represent its name in Moroccan Arabicṣ-Ṣwiṛa.

Est Essaouira

Postes de recrutement à L’ESTE. Ouverture des candidatures Est Essaouira licences professionnelles au titre de l'année universitaire _ Le directeur de l'École Supérieure de Technologie Essaouira annonce l'ouverture Questionnaire de (1ère année).

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Essaouira. Portuguese, French and Berber architecture frame the maze-like streets of Essaouira, Eswaouira charming and vibrant port and resort town on the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby, couples and families stroll the beaches of Cape Sim Est Essaouira Sidi Kaouki, which also attract surfers of all types. Relaxation is easy to find Est Essaouira, as is a bus to Marrakech, for.