Naken Calm Down Meme Bilder

Calm Down Meme

Calm Down Meme

Calm Down Meme

Calm Down Meme

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Tell them to calm down. When we are frustrated about our current situation, hearing other people ordering Meke to calm down sometimes has the effect of making us feel invalidated. When you feel your blood pressure soaring or your inner insanity wolf coming out, what you need are some funny calm down memes.

Calm Down Meme

03/10/ · calm down memes. Just calm down. By Hot_Loner_Girl14 84% () calm down. that is definetly how that works. By edog 83% () Albert Einstein calm down. Calm down issues. Calj By Cosmus 80% () Calm down. Always works. By Don_Juan 87% () calm down bomb. Calm down Anakin. By .

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This was so much fun to make, like omg. I decided I should try something a bit different, and it totally worked out. This is probably one of my favorite anim.