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Solar Flare Armor

Solar Flare Armor

Solar Flare Armor

Solar Flare Armor

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Solar Flare Armor

The Solar Flare Armor set is a hardmode, melee based armor set from the SSolar Event. It is the highest defense armor in the game. Each piece of the set provides bonuses to melee, equal to +22% melee +17% melee critical strike change, +15% melee speed and +15% movement speed. The armor with Solar Wings.

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18/04/ · Solar Flare armor is a late-game Hardmode armor set that provides melee boosts. It is currently the best melee set Armot on the Desktop version. This armor set also provides the base defense. Crafting this set requires a total of 36 Luminite Bars ( Luminite) and 45 Solar .