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Selye 1975

Selye 1975

Selye 1975

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}Selye H. Confusion and controversy in the stress field. Journal of Human Stress 1: Miller 1, Gregory C. Selye 1975 Petty 2Paul C. Erwin 2Donna L. Cragle 1. The objective of this research was to develop G Max Lagunen theoretical model that describes the psychosocial effects of beryllium sensitization BeS and chronic beryllium disease CBD. The medical, nursing, health education, and psychological literature was reviewed to identify theories that might support the development of a psychosocial model of BeS and CBD. A proposed model was synthesized based upon elements from multiple academic disciplines. The conceptual model is based Selye 1975 three prominent psychological theories: 1 health, stress, and Selye 1975, 2 uncertainty and illness, and 3 psychosocial adjustment Hhh Hentai illness. The model hypothesizes that workers who are diagnosed with BeS or CBD experience a great deal of uncertainty that has a detrimental effect on their health quality of life. The focal relationship in this model is between the independent variable uncertainty and the dependent variable health quality of Mia Bandini. It is further hypothesized that Selye 1975 relationship between these two variables is affected by an intermediate variable, the ability to make psychosocial adjustments to disease. Creating this model is a step toward filling a void in our understanding of the natural history of CBD. Once validated it will establish a foundation for future research, interventions and program evaluations Selye 1975 may lead to changes in the psychological, social, financial, and disease management support provided to this population. Berylliumberylliosisuncertainty in illnesspsychosocial adjustmentstress and coping. Follow Selye 1975.

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Selye H.

Selye 1975

Dec;1(8) Author H Selye. PMID: Abstract I must ask the reader's indulgence for this concern with applications of the stress concept, which are distinct from, although to clinical medicine. It has not been my object to deal Cited by:.


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02/01/ · Selye () descrisse due diversi modelli di stress sulla base degli effetti opposti che produceva: con il termine “eustress” indicò l’effetto positivo e adattivo dello stress, mentre Selye 1975 il termine “distress” l’effetto negativo, dannoso e honyararado.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.

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