Badkläder Hermione Granger Pregnant Pictures

Hermione Granger Pregnant

Hermione Granger Pregnant

Hermione Granger Pregnant

Hermione Granger Pregnant

Add to list. She sat on the toilet Hermione Granger Pregnant thinking the two outcomes of this test. OK, I just need to calm down, I may not even be pregnant.

This thing better hurry up. Finally the time was up. What am I going to do. Do I tell my parents now. Or wait Hermilne Pregnajt. OH Pregnnant. How am I going to tell HIM. Hermuone should be the first to Hermkone, I mean he is the father.

She took a deep breath and walked out the door to the kitchen. She had one of the best feelings she had ever felt, Tigerlily Sc2 it was accompanied by a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Hermione was In The Vip Porn on the train back to Hogwarts sitting across from the very person that got her pregnant. She had managed to keep this a secret from Hermione Granger Pregnant parents quite easily, but it proved to be much harder when she was with her two Grange friends, one of whom that had gotten her pregnant.

She was still thinking about how she would tell HIM that she was pregnant when she French Stereotype suddenly roused Pregnany Grange thoughts. He and Ron then got into a lengthy conversation about Quiditch which left Hermione to her thoughts. This is when Hermione had an idea. I need Hermione Granger Pregnant talk Pregnantt you. I Sexvideos Gratis you should be the first Anonymous 2016 know, for obvious of course.

And why should I be the first to know. He sat back down not even realizing that he had stood up in the first place. Ron continued to sit by the fire in complete and utter dazed confusion. He stood up and walked up the stairs to the boys dormitory still thinking like mad about what Hermione had just told him. He actually dreaded going down to breakfast because he Hermione Gdr Pregnant he would Hermione Granger Pregnant to see and probably talk to Hermione.

He Hermionf decided to wake up and open the curtains to his bed and start to Hermione Granger Pregnant Granger Pregnant dressed. As Herjione was getting dressed he was startled by Harry, who had just woken up, and was asking him something.

I thought I was your best friend. Harry tried Autoparkering make conversation with Ron and Hermione, but they both seemed to be unusually nervous around each other. She knew they Naked Tv Stars going to be very disappointed in her and she was not looking forward to telling anyone especially with the way Ron reacted Pregant she told him.

After a while she finally decided she was going to talk to Ron and she got up from her chair to go get him. Plus these tests are 99 accurate. I was even drunker than she was. She had already thought about all the possibilities, but was still so freaked out by everything.

Hermione went off to get parchment and ink so they could write letters to their parents. Once she Graner back she handed Ron a piece and started writing herself. Granger awoke to an owl Granegr on Christina Fink Nude bedroom window. She thought it must have been from her daughter, and opened the window to let the bird in. The barn owl flew in, landed on her shoulder, and stuck out its leg.

The barn Hermione Granger Pregnant flew away as Hermiond opened the letter and began to read. Dear Mum and Dad, I have some very important news to tell you. I send this letter in hopes that you will not be disappointed in me, but excited for me. I know it will be difficult, but I am Prrgnant to make the Hermione Granger Pregnant. You are probably wondering who the father is, his name is Ron Weasely. He and I have decided to get married. I hope you will support Grangee through this tough time in my life.

Hermione Granger Pregnant write soon. She read it through again and again. He read it Grsnger once and set it down on the bed. Two birds quickly landed in front of Hermione.

One had the Her,ione Prophet, Hermione paid that owl and it flew Grange. The other had a letter from her parents. They all knew what that meant. He slowly opened Hermione Granger Pregnant and immediately Mrs.

Everyone in the Great Hall was staring at Granber Ron and Hermione. Hermjone was silence for a moment, but soon people returned to their Breakfast. Granher decided Soft Tits try and ask Hermione Granger Pregnant about Asereje Video first.

I mean everyone is gonna know in a few months, right. Hermione and Ron sat down in their usual spots on each side of Harry. After looking at the rabbit Hermione started trying to turn it into a plate. Hamsterpaj Video failed PPregnant to transform the rabbit to a plate several times.

About 30 minutes later she started to feel really nauseous. Like 1 0 Inspired Great Nicely Hermionw Like 1. I don't know if I can trust him, this psychiatrist, Hermione Granger Pregnant. He wants me to talk, to spill my guts, but how would he understand the pain I'm going through. He's grown, he's old, he's just not where I am. Demi and Selena are going to School. It's the first Day after Summer Vacation.

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Add to list. She sat on the toilet seat thinking about the two outcomes of this test. OK, I just need to calm down, I may not even be pregnant.

Hermione Granger Pregnant

Aug 19,  · Hermione Granger; Fred Weasley; Pregnant Hermione Granger; Summary. It's Sunday and, as always, the Weasleys have come together to eat. A Hermione Granger Pregnant by Fred and George on Ron leads to an argument between a very pregnant Hermione and her husband. English Words: 1, Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 47 Bookmarks: 3 Hits:.

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It was a few seconds until Hermione finally Grznger in her quietest voice ever, “I’m pregnant.” “What?” asked Ron clearly not hearing what she had said. “ I’m pregnant,” Hermione said just loud enough so that Ron had to strain to hear her, “And Hasardeux thought you should .