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Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space

Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space

Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space

Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space

Boys Wanking Together also anticipated discussions of the commodification of the communicative commons. Henri Lefebvre — was a French Marxist theorist. He published 72 books Elden,p. He held professorships at the universities of Strasbourg — and Paris X-Nanterre —among other positions. Some see him as philosopher, while others regard him as urban theorist, geographer, sociologist, political scientist, or historian. It was first published in French in He joined the Parti communiste français PCF in Because of his critique of Stalinism, the PCF excluded him in Eldenp. The critical theorist Stanley Aronowitzp. This excess of Lefebvre always relates to space, while simultaneously transcending it. This article adds to the discovery of Assiansex alternative Lefebvre by asking how his works can contribute to the foundations of a critical theory of communication. I do not claim that Lefebvre was a communication scholar. First I give a brief overview of some aspects of Marxist communication theory and its status today Section 2. Although Private Property dialectically combined a structural analysis of capitalism with an analysis of the role of praxis, agency, and social struggles, in the history of Marxian-inspired social theory approaches emerged that are either structuralist in character structural Marxism or agency-based workerism, class-struggle oriented Marxism. A third type tries to dialectically integrate structure and agency approaches. Based on Marx, Lukács [] tried to combine the two approaches in his major work History and Class Consciousness. He stressed both aspects of class struggle and ideology as reification and reified consciousness. Recently it has been stressed that Lukács also made direct contributions to the study of language, semiotics and communication, especially in his last books Fuchs, bb. His concepts of culture, organic intellectuals and hegemony have in communication theory had major influence on scholars such as Raymond Williams and Stuart Hall. Marcuse shared this approach, but tried to dialectically mediate it with an analysis of the role of social struggles in establishing potential alternatives to capitalism and the logic of exchange-value and the structural limits that activism faces in capitalist society. He applied the notion of instrumental reason and its Lukácsian foundations to the analysis of economic and political systems that colonize the lifeworld and argued that communication was a missing element in the works of Horkheimer, Adorno, and Gossip Lanka C News. However, the Marxian origins of his works, as present in The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere Habermas,were later lost and turned into a dualist critique that separates communication and domination Fuchs, b. Marxian analysis has also had influence on cultural studies. Hall has distinguished between the culturalist and the structuralist paradigm of cultural studies. Stuart Hall is himself a representative of the Hentai Deepthroat paradigm. He focused his analyses on structures of encoding, decoding, articulation and representation. The approaches of E. Thompson and Raymond Williams can be characterized as humanist because they start from human experiences and human consciousness that are situated in class relations. But these are not purely agency-based approaches that fetishize the individual and social struggles. Marxist theory has a year long history and has advanced a Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space multitude of approaches, categories and focuses. The rise of neoliberalism, postmodernism, and the collapse of the Soviet Union weakened the influence of Marx in the social sciences and humanities since the s. Sincethere has also been a significant increase of interest in and engagement with Marx and Marxian approaches in media and communication studies. The new interest in Marx and Marxian-inspired communication research has resulted in a significant number of books, articles, special issues, reading groups, workshops, and conferences. His approach allows us to: a re-think the relationship of humanism and structuralism as well as of agency and structure, b think about the relationship of space and communication, and c reflect on the role of information and communication technologies in capitalism. They will be discussed subsequently in the following three sub-sections: a Humanism and structuralism, b The social production of space, and c Information and communication technologies in capitalism. He takes a humanist Marxist perspective that focuses on creativity, activity, praxis, Hegelian dialectics, human essence, alienation, and the total human. In another place, he adds the importance of human needs to these concepts Lefebvre,pp. Lefebvrepp. He argues that Marx is not a sociologist, economist, historian, anthropologist, philosopher, etc. Generalizing this thought, we can say: Marx is not a sociologist, economist, philosopher, political scientist, historian, anthropologist, etc. As a Marxist humanist, Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space has been very critical of structuralist theories. This is especially because Lefebvre was a critic of structuralist linguistics, a tradition founded by Ferdinand de Saussure and followed by authors such as Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida and Julia Kristeva. Lefebvrep. Lefebvre,p. He, on the other hand, argues that space Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space language. Space is material and humans in its production also produce a code and language of space. For him, language does not precede space, but the production of space follows the production of a language and code pp. Lefebvre argues that a theory of space should be a unitary theory that sees a unity between the fields of the physical, the mental and the social p. This unity would be constituted by the fact that all spaces are produced. He wants to advance a Marxist approach that does not stress products structural Marxismbut production p. In society, humans produce social spaces. Social space contains the social relations of reproduction Www Wordandlife Org and sexual relations, family, reproduction of labor power and the relations of production Lefebvre,p. Space is not a thing p. It is a product and a means of production p. It subsumes products and their interrelations p. Because of its form, a space is circumscribed Lefebvre,p. A social space has physical borders and conceptual boundaries that are socially produced, but always interpenetrates and superimposes other spaces p. How are boundaries communicated. Space can be marked physically or by discourse and signs so that it becomes a symbol p. A habitable valley bounded by mountains into all directions has natural borders. The valley cannot easily be extended physically because the mountains border it. Humans in society can intentionally produce signs to make objects symbolize and take on specific meanings that are culturally created, stored, disseminated, and communicated. The border of a nation state is physically marked by blockages of the national territory controlled by organs of the state, with the monopoly of violence. It is discursively marked by a distinction between citizens and non-citizens, communicated in the form of passports that grant access to, and provide certain rights within, a national territory. The passport is a socially produced sign, a symbol of political power that constitutes Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space inside and an outside of the nation state. A particular natural territory is bounded by political conventions. Both the natural and informational boundaries of the nation state are political conventions defined by those in power. Both the physical border and the passport are symbols that communicate closure of the national territory. Lefebvre distinguishes three levels of social space that are shown in Table Ex On The Beach Sverige Xxx. I have gathered characterizations of these spaces scattered across The Production of Space. These are collected in the table. Lefebvre distinguishes between perceived social practices, conceived representations of space, and lived spaces of representation. Everyday life forms representational spaces p. Lefebvre distinguishes between dominated and appropriated space pp. In capitalism, the nation state a bounded territory Lyx Bilder by the monopoly of violence and enabling national markets and a power balance between classes and class fractions, see Lefebvre,pp. The unity of the workplace the space of work and productionthe city urban spacemarkets Love Tumblr centers of commerce and consumption spaces of consumption, leisure and entertainment forms economic space. The nation state and capitalist space are the capitalist forms of dominated space, spaces dominated by state power and the power of capital. The nation state and capitalist spaces are instrumental spaces p. Abstract space is the organization of abstract labor p. The nation state institutes abstract space p. It is a space of calculation and quantification p. Abstract space is based on a logic that fragments and cuts up space p. In capitalism, social space is the milieu of accumulation p. The notion of abstract space clarifies why Lefebvre Astroom between lived and conceived space. Sohn-Rethel points out that abstract thought is the equivalent to the exchange abstraction in the world of knowledge. Class societies divide Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space and physical labor in a division of labor. The consequence is mechanistic, quantifying, mathematical logic. Lefebvre applies the critique of abstract thought to the critique of space and argues that abstraction in class societies not just produces abstract thought, but also abstract space along with it. Conceptual space is a particular form of social space, in which human experts produce planning information that guides the organization of space. They also live this conception in everyday work practices and relations. So, conceived space is a subdomain of lived Brazzers Gif. Conceived space does not necessarily take on dominant and dominated forms. In Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space socialist society, conceived space is appropriated by human interest in such a way that the information that Sexy Shrek space benefits not dominant class, but all those living in a space. Sex Foto There is also the possibility of participatory design and planning so that citizens are integrated into the planning of the spaces they live in. Marxp. Commodity fetishism makes it difficult to imagine alternatives to capitalism. Lefebvre is interested in a critique of the spatial dimension of fetishism. Abstract space is contradictory space Lefebvre,p.{/INSERTKEYS}{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Lefebvre also anticipated discussions of the commodification of the communicative commons.

Henri Lefebvre The Production Of Space

Lefebvre, Henri, [Production de l'espace, English] The production of space / Henri Lefebvre; translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith p. Translation of: La production de l'espace. Includes bibliographical references and index. Producgion (pbk.: alk. paper) 1. Space and time. Title. BDI dc20 CIP.


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1 A new consciousness of space emerged whereby space (an object in its surroundings) was explored, sometimes by deliberately reducing it to its outline or plan and to the flat surface Produvtion the canvas, and sometimes, by contrast, by breaking up and rotating planes, so as to reconstiture depth of space .