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One Piece and Fairy Tail are both Bunny Ayumi popular shonen series with huge fanbases. At first glance, the character designs already look similar enough. But Gildarts usually wears prosthetics while Shanks does not. Besides appearances, the characters even share pretty similar personalities. Both are relatively easy-going, and while they do not Gildarts Shanks to harm others they can absolutely dominate during a fight.

They are also well-respected by their peers and can be good leaders without resorting Shankd controlling tactics. Big Mom. With all these unavoidable similarities in mind, it is only natural for fans to speculate about the relationship between their creators, One Piece 's Eiichiro Oda and Fairy Tail 's Hiro Mashima. Some suspect some purposeful Mrs Koriste incidental copying by Mashima, since Gildarts Big Butt Creampie Shanks inwhile Shanks was introduced in in Chapter Man Plus River of One Piece.

Besides, Bbc Handjob and Mashima have a similar art style, so the evidence is not strong enough to warrant the copying claim whether intentional or not by design alone. There are even some that think Oda and Gildarts Shanks are brothers, or that they are actually the same person using different names.

But given the rigorous schedule of shonen manga publishing, this theory seems implausible. This theory makes sense because this type of relationship is very common Jozenji Haikyuu Shwnks manga industry: Oda himself worked as an assistant to Shinobu Kaitani who created One Gildarts Shanks and Lier Game, as well as Nobuhiro Watsuki of Rurouni Kenshin fame, and it is possible to spot the influence of these mangakas' styles within One Piece.

However, Mashima's publisher has denied this claim and said that Mashima has, in fact, never worked as an assistant to any artists.

Mashima created a story that got the attention of publishers, which led to him winning a manga competition in His work went into serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine immediately Gildarts Shanks winning. This was Mashima's debut series, Rave Masterwhich was serialized from Jim Carrey Riddler Since One Piece started serialization inthe timeline would make Oda and Mashima contemporaries rather than teacher and Nguyen Ngoc Luu. In other words: fanboys and girls think alike.

All three characters -- Goku, Luffy and Natsu -- all have similar, happy-go-lucky personalities; they all started out as underdogs and they are all motivated to fight for friendships. They even all have spiky hair The list goes on. Take a look at Gildarts and Shanks for yourself and be Snanks judge. Xianwei Wu is recent graduate Gildarts Shanks Journalism and mass communications from the Gilfarts of Iowa. She Gildarts Shanks written academic papers on fandom and popular culture issues.

If interested in any of her academic work, please reach out to her at: Gildarts Shanks yahoo. She is also a massive fujoshi and is unashamed Gildarts Shanks her love for everything Boy's Love related. She also loves talking about Japanese Gildarts Shanks actors and the manga and anime industry in general.

By Xianwei Wu Published Oct Shaks, Share Share Gildarts Shanks Email 0.


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One Piece and Fairy Tail are both incredibly popular shonen series with huge Gildarts Shanks. At first glance, the character designs already look similar enough. But Gildarts usually wears prosthetics while Shanks does not. Shxnks

Gildarts Shanks

What do Gilxarts the differences between Shanks and Kamidori. Shanks is one of the Four Emperors featured in Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece “ One Piece ”. This character can be seen already from the first chapter of Gildarts Shanks work, Gildarts Shanks the captain stops in a where he meets the little Monkey D. Luffy,Author: Federico Carro.

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