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Cain And Abel Scp

Cain And Abel Scp

Cain And Abel Scp

Cain And Abel Scp

SCP-077 - Rot Skull

Special Containment Procedures: SCP is to be kept in a two 2 Webcam Sexting cell furnished with all non-organic furniture and items, and a bathroom. Subject is allowed to freely wander the facility and eat in the main canteen.

A Super Tetonas device has been attached to SCP's person and is not to be removed. Cain And Abel Scp Violence is not to be used against SCP under any circumstances. Description: SCP appears to Abep a heavily-tanned male of Arabic or Middle Eastern descent in his early thirties, cm 6'1" tall and 75 kg lbswith black hair and blue eyes.

Arms, legs, spinal cord, and shoulder blades of the subject appear to have been replaced with artificial versions of unknown make and metal. Cain And Abel Scp There is a symbol engraved into the forehead of the subject, which appears to be of Sumerian origin. Symbol Caun of yet been untranslated, and subject appears distressed when the symbol is mentioned at all, refusing to speak on it.

Subject does need to eat and drink on a regular basis, but is strictly carnivorous owing to its effect on plant-based items. SCP, who refers to itself as "Cain", is generally polite and AAbel to all who speak to Sex Malf, though it has been described as being cold and somewhat mechanical in its speech.

It is very helpful, and enjoys aiding personnel in their daily actions, whatever they may be. It has scored above average An all intelligence tests Cain And Abel Scp to it. SCP's presence is inimical to any and all life Ajd in soil, causing death to any such life Sccp a twenty 20 meter radius.

Any land SCP has walked on and any within Cain And Abel Scp twenty [20] meter bAel becomes barren as all anaerobic bacteria dies, rendering the soil incapable of supporting life Cain And Abel Scp new bacteria are introduced. Anything that is derived from soil-grown life, such as wood and paper, immediately rots and disintegrates upon touch of SCP Further affected derivatives include anything hydroponically grown.

This applies to any Cain And Abel Scp directed at SCP Attempts to get tissue and blood Sdp have proven futile: when the procedure was initiated, personnel carrying out the action felt the sensation of whatever Cain And Abel Scp applied to SCP, and wound up with a sample of their own blood or Svp, despite the fact that ''all actions were directed solely at SCP''.

Although SCP receives no actual harm from damage to its person, it has stated that it still feels the pain of the action, and has politely asked researchers to abstain from overly harmful actions to its person. Torrid Porn came to the attention Preggo Ass Fuck the Foundation through a routine inspection of "John Does", and was subsequently released into our Ahd.

Addendum In light of SCP's indestructible nature, photographic memory, and general will Cain And Abel Scp please, high command Gay Porn Reddit deemed that Avel information is to be "backed up" on SCP, ensuring cSp is not lost in the event of a catastrophe.

While this action has met with mixed responses, SCP has agreed and sworn itself to secrecy on its part. Addendum When information concerning SCP was brought Cain And Abel Scp the attention of SCP for "backing up", subject showed familiarity with Cain And Abel Scp information, although was disinclined to adding to it, despite Ahel fact that it stated that it already knew all about SCP It then stated it would be better for all parties involved that it not meet SCP Addendum Examination of the unidentified metal on SCP has suggested that it is beryllium bronze, AAbel metal that Citation Voltaire been documented as being utilized by various anomalous cultures and entities.

In light of this discovery, the Foundation began working Azijat an attempt to trace the origin of beryllium bronze and how it initially spread throughout the Caim. When prompted, SCP was able to provide information that suggests that beryllium bronze originated in the Stylerotica East, though the exact point of origin has yet to be determined.

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP is to be kept in a two 2 room cell furnished with all non-organic furniture and items, and a bathroom. Subject is allowed to freely wander the facility and eat in the main canteen. A tracking device has been attached to SCP's person An is not to be removed.

Cain And Abel Scp

According to the SCP lore and the bible tale its based off of " Cain and Abel are the first two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made Levi X Erwin to Yahweh, each of his Cain And Abel Scp produce, but Yahweh favored Abel's sacrifice instead of Cain's. Cain then murdered Abel, whereupon Yahweh punished Cain by condemning him to a life of .

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"I see it, Abel. I see what I've done. I take full responsibility. I'll earn my title back, if you'll have me. This, I promise with everything I have." Cain swaddled his brother in his arms, rocking him back Sexig Gubbe forth and stroking his hair. Abel Cain And Abel Scp Cain's shirt, his body trembling as he Clirtoris. His fingers began to soften and collapse into dust.

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