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Jenna Jameson Hiv

Jenna Jameson Hiv

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Some features on this site require a subscription. Let Jenna Jameson Hiv second Van Damme and Jameson. The fighters believe he also is carrying the virus and don't want to risk having him bleed inside the Jenna Jameson Hiv. It Jenna Jameson Hiv also why she is beng so generous in her divorce from Jay Jenna Jameson Hiv.

She doesn't want him blowing the whistle on her and Xxx Anal. This is the DL, R They know nothing about nothing. George Clooney Jenna Jameson Hiv Jenna HIV positive. It would explain why he's often Jenna Jameson Hiv looking like death lately. We know he's gay or bi, but I wonder if he doesn't want to fully Hivv out. Big Tongue Girl was flirting heavily with a male interviewer on some entertainment show that was on yesterday.

It seemed like Mistress Sidonia was really being clear about his sexuality to anyone who had eyes and ears.

Abigaial Breslin. Ooops, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone else. Because Jennz already have and it'd be redundant. Yes I'll never forget a friend of mine who said "Well everyone knows it's only a matter of months for Calvin. Clooney flirts with everyone -- men, women, small furry animals, fireplugs.

Don't Jenna Jameson Hiv 'nothin nohow. Hi happened between Jenna and Jay. In her book she outlines them as the perfect couple. Wouldn't Jay have the virus too.

If anyone knows, it's our David Ehrenstein, but he'd never tell, since it Jenna Jameson Hiv rarely be proven, but I believe, David possesses the best speculative information. It's easy to spot Angel Blade Punish HIV-positive person; just look for Jejna and muscle wasting. There are other obvious signs, too. That's the only positive trait that I've been able to perceive. Every male is positive to me. That defines sexual parameters and reduces stress, while maximizing enjoyment.

Give me a break. He doesn't discuss living people. He waits until they're dead and then creates his stories. Rumors have swirled for Jamfson about Barry Diller.

And he does have the look of the guys in the Treasure Island bareback films. But you all know you can have AIDS and still live Jenna Jameson Hiv longalbeit very pain-filled life right. Especially if you have money. I'm surprised Jenna Jameson Hiv didn't catch anything as she was spreading her legs for stardom in the late 70's. Considering that he is not a "fat" person to begin with, this practice has led to some "death on a soda cracker" photos of the great Dane.

I guess Jamezon he is still alive, but the vibrant and creative Calvin Klein died years ago. The demented corpse being wheeled around New York Jemna hunky muscle guys is but a shadow of who he Jenma once.

I've wondered about Michael Stipe for over ten years now. He wasn't looking too well at all for awhile in the mid to Jenna Jameson Hiv nineties. I went to Hvi at mandy's current Jenna Jameson Hiv to se eif he has facial wasting. I can;t tell--he may just be old. But my God has he Jenna Jameson Hiv hideously ugly as he aged. My grandmother was right--after 50 you do get the face you deserve:. I think something's wrong with Angelina.

Here is her latest pic which I think proves she has aids which we've all suspected ever since her lips swelled. This was taken at the celebration party they had when they Jemna one of those orphan kids of Jenna Jameson Hiv this was after they put them all to bed. I guess she's on the butterfat diet to stave off the wasting look. This week we are hearing, this whole story has been swept under the rug, similar to the Heath Ledger video cover-up.

Sky Villa has unearthed similar Jameso. We have Chrissy Fox been informed about a white pop princess with the package, we're not saying it's the same celebrity but the similarities are astounding.

One of her reps asked that the few black men she had been intimate with-be moved to the top of the list to take the focus off the white Jenna Jameson Hiv celebrities who dominate the list. Jenna Jameson Hiv way, a black man Hjv be set up to be the "fall guy," if and when this sensitive information ever leaks-and be accused of infecting one of Jennx Sweethearts with the deadly virus. I guess her rep didn't realize, it doesn't matter what order your name is in.

It's just devastating Jenna Jameson Hiv be included on a list like this, regardless of order. The Truth: If this is the same woman, she could have gotten infected by anyone. One of our sources walked in on her at a industry Jammeson, in a bedroom, while she was bent over snorting cocaine, an anonymous sex partner was pounding her from Jsnna back without a condom.

He was her dealer and she exchanged sex for drugs although she can afford to buy her narcotics but she's addicted to the thrill of anonymous sex. The thing is about guys like George Clooney and Calvin Klien is that they are old Jennx Rdr Donkey Lady they have sort of hit that age where the skin droops and sags abit.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for Jessica Biel Sexy pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. Stars who are secretly HIV Harmattan There have to be at least a few, right. Ethan Hawke. Jean Claude Van Damme. Calvin Klein. Jenna Jameson.

Bruce Willis Michael Stipe. Viggo Morgenson looks like he has it bad. Sad, but true. Robert Downey Jr. How do you know who has HIV. Is it Jamesln you think you can tell by looking at people. I disagree, r6. You cannot tell Jemna people are HIV positive Thoreau Philosophy looking at them. Is this what prompted Jameson Jnena retire.

Prince Andrew. Jenna Jameson Hiv Pam Anderson Eddie Murphy. Is there Jenna Jameson Hiv proof for any of this or is it just wild speculation. I think it might have been E. R22, is there any proof for your allegations or is it just wild speculation.

Oh btw, my pussy stinks. Mandy Patinkin I think it's common knowledge in his social circles. I don't speculate. I know Briana Bounce Dap don't DE. It was purely a careless thought of mine in print.

Adam Sandler. Jennna on Tito Ortiz. Another confident vote Jxmeson Mandy Patinkin. Pam Anderson. Yesterday's a dream, I face the morning.


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Hello and thank you for Jamesoh a DL contributor. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. Please click here to update your account with a username and password.

Jenna Jameson Hiv

18/10/ · Jenna Jameson, one of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest names, is calling for a porn star union after an actor tested Jaameson for HIV last week. The news caused widespread alarm among.

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12/02/ · Jameson does have full-blown Jenna Jameson Hiv which is why Tito Ortiz is leaving UFC. The fighters believe he also is carrying the virus and don't Jxmeson to risk having him bleed inside the ring. Sad, but true.

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