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Eon N64

Eon N64


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Whenever I test devices like this, my biggest concern is how it will affect the overall experience of the gameplay.

Eon N64

The EON Super 64 is the latest product in the EON catalogue of HD plug-and-play adapters. This patent pending design is the first adapter of its kind to offer a complete plug-and-play solution intended for use with the original Nintendo 64 console (NTSC, NTSC-J ONLY). It delivers a N6 p laglessly without Eon N64 need for external power.

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20/8/ · Despite having an absolute mouthful of a name, the EON Super 64 is an urbane little piece of tech that’s extremely easy to use. The box is stylized to replicate the look of a small N64, and fits perfectly on entertainment centers or display shelves. N4 The unit itself is no more than a few inches long, Eon N64 with an LED EON company Jared Mccarty. Furry Hypnosis