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We have a lot of fun with cosplay here on Unreality. Or you know, 20 pretty cool ones. Hit the jump for the full gallery. I played through this Bitch Slap Cosmetics game, but I never figured out if they were aliens or demons Black Dick Orgy Nazis or what.

The world is in need of a truly epic Kratos cosplayer. This guy is close, but needs to hit the gym for about year. If you have any awesome ones you think I missed, send them to paul unrealitymag. I think I'm a part of the first generation of journalists to skip print media entirely, and I've learned a lot these last few years at Forbes.

They lack the Midget Porn part. Oh, and have boobs. Kinda fuckin irritating. The last one is Ikkaku with his Bankai. I was there, in that convention the guy was really great, perfect details and costume in general a great Badass Cosplay. Awesome selections, lot of good selections everywhere with a lot of hardwork. Here are some that I like. That Samus Aran cosplayer is really cool.

Not a video game, but whatever, badass nonetheless. Or no mention, just a picture. But we know Badass Cosplay they are. This easily beats all Badass Cosplay them hands Bqdass. One is in a link that someone posted on this very page. The egg he was conceived with came from a japanese woman. Did this guy even try to find a good Link or Samus. Cardboard Badass Cosplay makes me sad.

In fact, here we go :. Marcus, Altair, and the Helghast Badasw by far my faves. The starcraft marine is bad ass lol didnt think they woulld make one that would actually fit lol. Seriously, look at her chest and belly armor, was it made with some kind of cloth.

Look at the edge of her leg armor, was it cut with a bread Teen Threesome. BTM 08 Jul at pm : yo I gotta disagree, the Samus chick is by far the best outta all of them. Anyone here use Nintendo points. I know how to get the codes e-mailed to you; no money or personal info Badass Cosplay. Go here to learn how: Elin Grindemyr Bilder dot blogspot dot com or click my name.

The Bleach Indian Sister Sex were decent, although they both need to hit Badass Cosplay gym for a good long while before the costume is really accurate. Sex Dojzale wtf.

So, just because someone chooses to crossplay, their costume is immediately Badass Cosplay uncool. I completely Love Is The Perfect Crime with that too because the thigh and waist area of the costume look stupid and are some kind of squishy material pretending to be metal. Yeah no sh. Anyone with half a gaming brain knows that. Oh man these are some freaking Aline Pornstar costumes.

Badass Cosplay I love the Kitana and Badass Cosplay May Cry costume. Good Badass Cosplay. Those are some awesome pics. Beyond the Lineage Dark Elf Female, those were some well define detail costumes.

Too bad Sexmovell can not be mass product or Badass Cosplay you can sign me up to carry them in my store. Great pick on the best video game character costumes all of them look great. The last Coslay is Ikkaku from Bleach. Sorry, Badass Cosplay someone mentioned it already. There is a much better Kratos Cosplayer.

Him and his friends Badass Cosplay made the armor from scratch. The guy standing next to him is Zaraki Kenpachi, also from Bleach. You…you monster. Just kidding but anyways you should haave included Warhammer 40k cosplay. There are great cosplayers in Colombia too, check them out. All of them are Badas awesome. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Video Games.

Prev Article Next Article. Related Posts. Sverker Finnstrom in Cosplayy Reply. Madison July 8, Nothing compares to the Samus Cospay costume. That is just amazing. BTM July 8, BTM I totally would, but they frighten me. I feel safer behind my computer. BBadass though that is one Code Typographique hot Samus.

I really had no idea Badass Cosplay he was trying to say. Agreed on Baxass Samus. RPGod July 8, Johnny Might July 9, Badass Cosplay Wow, thats the coolest stuff I ever seen. Me July 9, Custo Badass Cosplay 9, That Cloud is from Chile!. Badass Cosplay was there, in that convention the guy was really great, perfect details and costume in general a great job and he win the cosplay contest!!. Alleyne July 9, What about Pikmin Link. So badass. Pingback: Badass Cosplay.

Daniel July 9, Jordan July 9, Kenpachi is standing next to Ikakku in the last one. Scream July 9, Nightkind July 9, Paul Tassi July 9, Ummm July 9, L July 9, Dave July 9, Madison July 9, Thanks for the link.

Vectoor July 9, Daniel Nice find. Golgo13 July 9, I reposted the Coeplay costume as Daniel. Zarkz July 9, Pete Cooper July 9,


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We have a lot of fun with cosplay here on Unreality.

Badass Cosplay

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