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Japanese Cyber Goth

Japanese Cyber Goth

Japanese Cyber Goth

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Japanese Cyber Goth

29/03/ · Japanese Cyber Goth/Punk Street Style in Harajuku. Posted on 29 Mar. in: Tokyo Street Snaps. Here’s a guy wearing Japanese cybergoth/cyberpunk fashion Japansee we spotted on the street in Harajuku. When we first noticed him (we were walking behind him), we thought he was wearing a kimono. Japanese Cyber Goth inspired-by-traditional-Japanese-fashion floor-length black outfit is accessorized with gold.

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24/08/ · Cyber Goth is a multi-ethnic style, and there are many, many black, Hispanic, and Japanese Japanes Goths. 2 Know the difference between Cyber Goth and Raver. In Europe and Japan, Cyber Goths seem to lean heavily towards Raver and are usually incredibly colorful%().