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Fotograf Joakim Karlsson

Fotograf Joakim Karlsson

Fotograf Joakim Karlsson

Fotograf Joakim Karlsson

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Traveling photographer from Sweden. I shoot people I do professional Fotograf Joakim Karlsson, coaching, workshops and retouch courses. I also offer retouch service. Want to Karlssob about my light, my colors and my skin edit. Have a look at my videos on Manga Porn Uncensored website.

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Traveling photographer from Sweden.

Fotograf Joakim Karlsson

ABOUT JOAKIM KARLSSON. Joakim Karlsson was born in a small Swedish town in the spring of Growing up, he was fond of music and played in various rock bands. In the 9th grade, he first discovered his passion for photography while taking a short photo course. He learned to shoot with film and focus manually, as Fotograf Joakim Karlsson cameras had no automatic.

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