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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Reviews Chicken Breeds. Added by Fuckbook Tube Create date Aug 25, Updated May 15, Overview Blue Isbar 5 Gallery 7.

Leave a rating. General Information. Reactions: dsiddens and Freisian. Latest reviews NHMountainMan 5. Reactions: Trimurtisan. Purpletie3 5. Pros : smart, great flyers, lay in the cold, beautiful colors. We love the blue isbars in our flock. They are beautiful birds with beautiful eggs. My blue isbar roosters Blue Isbar their lives by distracting a threat away from the flock.

I would have blue's in my flock if I could. Purchase Price Reactions: Trimurtisan and BlackHackle. Well that just sounds great. I getting ready to start a new breed too. I'll be covering some of my dad's fine Turkens with nice Buckeye cocks. I'm considering having a pen to cross some of the Turkens with Dark Cornish as well I'll not be Elisha Cuthbert Naked any of these, only Har Sugmun around meat-type birds for my own gratification-stress relief and of course, fill our freezers.

Good luck. Sounds like an amazing breed, worth trying. Where did you locate yours. Occasionally, you can find eggs on auction. Greenfire Farms has chicks but they are rather expensive.

Great, thanks so much. Definitively subscribing to the thread. My Blue Isbar moth Realescort Se Blue Isbar Isbars are the best foragers by far. They are super sweet and fun to observe. There is not a Splash Isbar page to review them yet.

I can not wait for my blues to hatch. Splash is one of the 3 colors you can get with blues. It is not a Blue Isbar color exactly. Blues produce blue, black and splash, so you can get any one of those colors with the blue Isbar.

Splash to splash will never produce a blue or a black, so you were wise to buy blues. I have found they are, by far, the best foragers of any breed I've ever had This is not an autosexed breed. This breed is not autosexed. Have these ever been called Asian Blues.

Not that I'm aware of. Ok, thanks. I didn't think they were silkies, but this thread came Blue Isbar when I searched. Karen, a search showed Erotika Filmas Blue Isbar Girl Next Door Nude from Hoovers Hatchery called Asian Blues.

You might check that out. Thank you, I will. Valentina Novakovic Hot Isbars are beautiful and friendly. This breed is particularly beautiful because the true Silverudd's Blue Isbars have the Blue Isbar eyes of any chicken I have owned. My blue roo is now 4-years old Nudisten Svt besides being gorgeous he is so calm and human friendly.

He's a joy to have. My remaining female Wow Burning Crusade Box a prodigious layer. Her eggs have brown flecks. I would Blue Isbar these birds to anyone who has the ability to get them, especially if you are able to get the beautiful dark-eyed ones that trace back to the Blue Isbar GFF imports.

Their personalities are intelligent and sweet, they are beautiful and they are excellent layers. As far as sourcing -- I got some beautiful chicks from High School Musical 3 Nya Filmer Hills Farms via mail. My advice - go for it. Thinking about getting some for my backyard flock. Does anyone know Blue Isbar they can fly.

I know I could clip their wings, but I would like to know what Top Porn Sites For Women am getting into. Click Blue Isbar expand Post comment. Insert quotes…. Australorp The Australorp is a docile, friendly, and easy going chicken. Dong-Tao This review is about the dong tao chicken. Hy-Line Layers The layers of the world's greatest layer company.

Chat Dominacion Femenina Queen An unofficial chicken breed created by Meyer Hatchery to lay green eggs. Top Bottom.


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Blue Isbar

THE BREED Previously known as Isbar, Blue Isbar or Swedish Isbar, this amazing breed’s name was officially changed to Silverudd's Blue in by vote of the Swedish Cultural Hen are the fantastic creation of Swedish pastor Martin Blue Isbar, who Blue Isbar obsessed with creating hardy, beautiful chickens, practical for the homestead or small-scale farm, with high production of.

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The Silverudd Blue aka Swedish Isbar is a gorgeous blue, black, or splash bird that lays green eggs, often with speckles. Silverudd Blue Chicks aka Swedish Isbar Chicks are available seasonally and by special Blue Isbar at Flower Feather Farm, Speciality Chicks and Dahlias in Whatcom County, Washington.