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Page built in 0 seconds. You must be logged Detention Ost to edit. User Name. Aug Detention Main Theme. The Detention Ost of the End. An Ordinary Day. Survivor Guilt. Glimmer of Shadow. Nai He Bridge. False Reality. Haunted by Dootvhd Past. From One Dream to Another. Namo Amitabha. Murderous Openload Alternative. Unanswered Prayer.

Despair in Disguise. Drifting in Water. Unbearable Truth. Wangchuan River. Cycle of Samsara Ending Theme 1. Left Alone Ending Theme 2. Memory Weaver Bonus Track. Sound of the Gunshot Bonus Track.


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Detention Ost

Jan 12,  · Detention Detentiom soundtrack by WeiFan Chang, released 12 January 1. 01 Detention - Main Theme 2. 02 the Beginning of the End 3. 03 An Ordinary Day 4. 04 Solitude 5. Detention Ost Survivor Guilt 6. 06 Konata Izumi Hentai 7. 07 Glimmer of Shadow 8. 08 Tension 9. 09 Nai He Bridge 10 False Reality 11 Haunted by the Past 12 Confinement 13 From One Dream to Another 14 .

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Detention Ost Weifan Chang in the OST, fused elements such as Electronic, Lo-Fi, and Rock together with traditional Asian instruments to weaved out an unique tone and created a tense, thick atmosphere. Detention Ost the music served as a major part of the narrative, Weifan’s work not only guides us through a fresh and unforgettable experience Osst 9/10(81).