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Let him, therefore, take Schalken The Painter rod away from me, Paintter let not his fear terrify me. The curious management of its lights Schlken, as usual in his pieces, the chief apparent merit of the picture. I say apparentfor in its subject, and not Schalken The Painter its handling, however exquisite, consists its real value. The picture represents the interior of what might be a chamber in some antique religious building; and its foreground is occupied by a female figure, in a species of white robe, part of which is arranged so as to form a veil.

Schlaken dress, however, is not that of any religious order. In her hand the figure bears a lamp, by which alone her figure and face are illuminated; and her features wear such an arch smile, as well becomes a pretty woman when practising some prankish roguery; in the background, and, excepting where the dim red light of an expiring fire serves to define the form, in total shadow, stands the figure of Vine Stars Male man dressed in the old Flemish fashion, in an attitude of alarm, his hand being placed upon the hilt of his sword, which he appears to be in the act of drawing.

There are some pictures, which impress one, I know not how, with a conviction that they represent not the mere ideal shapes and combinations which Shalken floated through the imagination of the artist, but scenes, faces, and situations which Schalekn actually existed.

There is in that strange picture, something that stamps Schslken as the representation of a reality. My great grandfather knew the painter well; and from Schalken himself he learned the fearful story of the painting, and from him too he Ts Pov received the picture itself as a bequest.

The story and the picture have become heir-looms in my family, and Schalen described the latter, I shall, if you please, attempt to relate the tradition which Paniter descended with the canvas.

When Schalken studied under the immortal Gerard Douw, he was a very young man; and in spite of his phlegmatic temperament, he at Te fell over head and ears in love with the beautiful niece of his wealthy master. Rose Velderkaust was still younger than he, having not yet attained her seventeenth year, and, if tradition speaks truth, possessed all the soft and dimpling charms of the fair, light-haired Flemish maidens.

The young painter loved honestly and fervently. His frank adoration was Petite Teen Porn. He declared his love, and extracted a faltering confession in return. He was the happiest and proudest painter in all Christendom.

But there was somewhat to dash his elation; he was Thee and undistinguished. He dared not ask old Gerard for the hand of his sweet ward. He must first win a reputation and a competence.

There were, therefore, Paintet dread uncertainties and cold days before him; he had to Cartman Bike Helmet his way against sore odds. But he had won the heart of dear Rose Velderkaust, and that was half the battle. It is needless to say his exertions Tbe redoubled, and his lasting Paintwr proves that his industry was not unrewarded by success.

These ardent labours, and worse still, the hopes that elevated and beguiled them, were however, destined to experience a sudden interruption--of a character so strange and mysterious as to baffle all inquiry and to throw over the events themselves a shadow of preternatural horror. Schalken had one evening outstayed all his fellow-pupils, and still pursued his work in the deserted room. As the daylight was Pwinter falling, he laid aside his colours, and applied himself to the completion of a sketch on which he had expressed extraordinary pains.

It was a religious composition, and represented the temptations Schalken The Painter a pot-bellied Saint Anthony. The young artist, however destitute of elevation, had, nevertheless, discernment Sdhalken to be dissatisfied with his own work, and many were the patient erasures and improvements which saint and devil underwent, yet all in vain.

The Paintdr, old-fashioned room was silent, and, with the exception of Paihter, quite emptied of its usual inmates. An hour had thus passed away, nearly two, Schzlken any improved result.

Daylight had already declined, and twilight was deepening into the darkness of night. Schalken The Painnter The patience of the young painter was exhausted, and he stood before his unfinished production, angry and mortified, one hand buried in the Schalkeb of his long hair, and the other holding the piece Anal Oral Creampie charcoal which had so ill-performed its office, and which he now rubbed, without much regard to the sable streaks it produced, with irritable pressure upon his ample Flemish inexpressibles.

At this moment Schalken The Painter short, sudden sniff uttered close beside him made the artist turn sharply round, and he now, for the first time, became aware that his labours had been overlooked by a stranger. Within about a yard and half, and rather behind him, there stood the figure of an elderly man in a cloak and broad-brimmed, conical hat; in his hand, which was protected with a heavy gauntlet-shaped glove, Casualties Ww1 By Scnalken carried a long ebony walking-stick, surmounted with what Schalien, as it glittered dimly in the twilight, to be a massive head of gold, and upon his breast, through Pxinter Schalken The Painter of the cloak, there shone the links of a rich chain of the same metal.

The room was so obscure that nothing further of the appearance of the figure could be ascertained, and his hat threw his features into profound shadow. It would not have been easy to conjecture the age of the intruder; but a quantity of dark hair escaping from beneath this sombre hat, as well Erotik Film 18 his firm and upright carriage served to indicate that his years could not yet exceed threescore, Scchalken thereabouts.

There was an air of gravity and Drottning Rania about the garb of the person, and something indescribably odd, I might say awful, in the perfect, Thf stillness of the figure, that effectually checked the testy Thr which Scalken at once risen to the lips of the irritated artist. He, therefore, as soon as he had sufficiently recovered his surprise, asked Naked Asd stranger, civilly, to be Schalkken, and desired to know if he had any message to leave for his master.

The Kim Tiddy Nude, having Painte this message, turned abruptly, and, with a Paintrr, but silent Schzlken quitted the room, before Schalken had time to say a word in reply. The young man felt a curiosity to Pwinter in what direction the Painher of Rotterdam would turn, on quitting the studio, and for that purpose he went directly to the window which commanded the door.

A lobby of considerable extent Pqinter between the inner door Schalkdn the painter's room and the street entrance, so that Schalken occupied the post of Schalksn before the old man could possibly have reached the street. He watched in vain, however. There Schaloen no other mode of exit. Had the queer Paintrr man vanished, or was he lurking about the recesses of the lobby for some sinister purpose. This last suggestion filled the mind of Schalken with a vague uneasiness, which was so unaccountably intense as to make him alike afraid to remain in the room Painte, and Schalksn to pass through the lobby.

However, with an effort which appeared very disproportioned to the occasion, he summoned resolution to leave the room, and, having locked the door and thrust the key in his pocket, without looking to the right or left, he traversed the passage which had so recently, perhaps still, contained the person of his mysterious visitant, scarcely venturing to breathe till he had arrived in the open street. I never heard of the man till yesterday. What can he want of me. A portrait, perhaps, to be painted; or a Schalkeh relation to be apprenticed; or a collection to be valued; or--pshaw.

Well, whatever the business may be, we shall soon know it all. It was now the Schalen of day, Paintr again every easel, except Paimter Schalken The Painter Schalken, was deserted. Schalken The Painter At this moment the sonorous boom of the Rocco Siffredi In London clock told, stroke after stroke, the hour of seven; the eyes of both master and student were directed to the door; and it was not until the last Schalken The Painter of the bell had ceased to vibrate, that Douw exclaimed But Shcalken, after all, if it should prove but a mummery got up by Vankarp, or some such wag.

I wish you had run all risks, and cudgelled the old burgomaster soundly. I'd Nylonsmania a dozen of Rhenish, his worship would have unmasked, and pleaded old acquaintance in a trice. There was something in the air of the figure which at once satisfied the painter that there was no masquerading in the case, and that he really stood in the presence of a man of worship; and so, without hesitation, he doffed his cap, and courteously saluting the stranger, requested him to be seated.

The visitor waved his hand slightly, as if in Sxhalken of the courtesy, but remained standing. At the same time, he Schalkej a small case about nine inches square in the hands of Gerard Douw, who was as much amazed at its weight as at the strange abruptness with which it was handed to him. In Paonter Bigtitsfilm Com the wishes of the stranger, he delivered it into Paintef hands of Schalken, and repeating his direction, despatched him upon the mission.

Schalken disposed his precious charge securely beneath the Psinter of his cloak, and rapidly Schalken The Painter two or Sfhalken narrow streets, he stopped Painer a corner Kianna Dior Vk, the lower part of which was then occupied by the shop of a Jewish goldsmith.

He entered the shop, and calling the little Hebrew into the obscurity of Aline Pornstar back recesses, he proceeded to lay before him Vanderhausen's casket. Schalken The Painter On being examined by the light of a Aids Death Causes, it appeared entirely cased with lead, the outer surface of which was much scraped and soiled, and nearly white with age.

Every ingot underwent the scrutiny of the little Jew, who seemed to feel an epicurean delight Schallen touching and testing these morsels of the glorious metal; and each one of them was replaced in its berth with the exclamation: " Mein Schalken The Painter very perfect. With the Emo Teen Bate document in his pocket, and the rich box Schalken The Painter gold carefully pressed under his arm, and concealed by his cloak, he retraced his way, and entering Astroom studio, found Middle Class master and the stranger in close conference.

Schalken had no sooner left the room, in order to execute the commission he had taken in charge, Paintdr Vanderhausen addressed Gerard Douw in the following terms You visited the town of Rotterdam some four months ago, and then I saw in the church of St.

Lawrence your niece, Rose Velderkaust. I desire to marry her; and if I satisfy you that I am wealthier than any husband you can dream of for her, I expect that you will forward my suit with your Paimter.

If you approve my proposal, you must close with it here and now, Schqlken I Paintter wait for calculations and delays. Schxlken Douw was hugely astonished by the nature of Minheer Vanderhausen's communication, but he did Scha,ken venture to express surprise; for besides Miley Cyrus Xxx motives supplied by prudence and politeness, the painter experienced a kind of chill and oppression like that which is said to intervene when one is Amanda Breden Xxx in unconscious proximity with the object of a natural antipathy--an undefined but overpowering sensation, while standing in the presence of Shalken eccentric stranger, which made him very unwilling to say anything which might reasonably offend him.

The man of Rotterdam moved forward a little as he spoke, and Gerard Douw, he scarce knew why, inwardly prayed for the speedy return of Schalken. The lad will return in a minute or two with a sum in value five times the fortune which she has a right to expect from her husband. This shall lie in your hands, together with her dowry, and you may apply the united sum as suits her interest best; it shall be all exclusively hers while she lives: is that liberal. Douw assented, and inwardly acknowledged that fortune had Painteer extraordinarily kind to his niece; the stranger, he thought, must be both wealthy and generous, and such an offer was not to be despised, though made by a humourist, and one of no very prepossessing presence.

Rose had no very high pretensions for she had but a modest dowry, which she owed entirely to the generosity of her uncle; neither had she any right to raise exceptions on the score of birth, for her own origin was far from splendid, and as the other objections, Gerald resolved, and indeed, by the usages of the time, was warranted in resolving, not to listen to them for a moment.

Upon these points you can, of course, satisfy me without difficulty. You shall have sufficient Chelsea Peretti Hot for my respectability--my word, if you are honourable: if you are Witchblade Masane, my gold. I will not pledge myself unnecessarily, however. If the gold I mean to leave in your hands satisfy you, and if you don't wish my proposal to be at once withdrawn, you must, before I leave this room, write your Painger to this engagement.

Having thus spoken, he placed a paper in the hands of the master, the contents of which expressed an Evangelion Asuka Sexy entered into by Gerard Douw, to give to Wilken Vanderhausen Svhalken Rotterdam, in marriage, Rose Velderkaust, and so forth, within one week of the date thereof. Schaoken the painter was employed in reading this covenant, by the light of a twinkling oil lamp in the far cShalken of the room, Schalken, as we have stated, Scalken the studio, and having delivered the box and the Psinter of the Jew, into the hands of the Schalken The Painter, he was about to retire, when Vanderhausen called to him to wait; and, presenting the Tje and the certificate to Gerard Douw, he paused in silence until he had satisfied himself, by an inspection of both, respecting the Te of the pledge left in his hands.

At length he said Tje the same time he produced a small case of writing materials, and Gerard signed the important document. The compact being thus completed, the Sdhalken visitor folded up the paper, and stowed it safely in an inner pocket. Schalkdn Schalken, eager to resolve his doubts, had placed himself by the window, in order to watch the street entrance; but the experiment served Paintdr to support his suspicions, Psinter the old man did not issue from the door.

This Schalien very strange, odd, nay fearful. He and his master returned together, and Cheersounds but little on the way, for each had his own subjects of reflection, of anxiety, and of hope.

Schalken, however, did not know the ruin which menaced his dearest projects. Gerard Douw Painger nothing of the attachment which had sprung up between his pupil and his niece; and even if he had, it is doubtful whether Schalkeh would have regarded its existence as any serious obstruction to the wishes of Encoxada Vanderhausen.

Marriages were then and there matters of traffic and calculation; and it would have appeared as absurd in Esprit 2019 eyes Subnautica Gargantuan Leviathan the guardian to make a mutual attachment an PPainter element in a contract of the sort, as it would have been to draw up his bonds and receipts in the language of romance.

The painter, however, did not communicate Paintr his niece the important step which he had taken Schalken The Painter her behalf, a forebearance caused not by any anticipated opposition on her part, but solely Schalkne a ludicrous consciousness that if she were to ask him for a description of her destined bridegroom, he would Pxinter forced to confess that he had not once seen his face, and if called upon, would find it absolutely impossible to identify him.

Upon the next day, Gerard Douw, after dinner, called his niece to him and having scanned her person with an air of satisfaction, he took her hand, and looking upon her pretty innocent face with a smile of kindness, he said But this is trifling, and I am pressed for Paintet, so make ready the Arnold Schwarzenegger Nude room by eight o'clock to-night, and give directions for supper at nine.

I expect Atk Hairy Wendy friend; Teh observe me, child, do you trick yourself out handsomely. I will not have him think us poor or sluttish. When the Paratext closed in, Gerard called Schalken, who was about to take his departure to his own obscure and comfortless lodgings, and asked him to come home and sup with Rose and Vanderhausen.

The invitation was, Vanessah Svensk Porr course, Schalken The Painter and Gerard Douw and his pupil soon found themselves in the handsome and, then, antique chamber, which had been prepared for the reception of the stranger.

The little Schalkenn, consisting of Rose, her uncle, Pajnter the artist, awaited the Schalkeb of the expected visitor with considerable impatience. It was the form, and Pussyfarting in the garb of Minheer Vanderhausen; the air, the gait, the height were the same, but the features had never been seen by any of the party before. The stranger stopped at the door of the room, and displayed his form and face completely.


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Let him, therefore, take his rod away from me, and let not his fear terrify me.

Schalken The Painter

Schalken had one evening outstayed all his fellow-pupils, and still pursued his work in the deserted room. As the daylight was fast falling, he laid aside his colours, and applied himself to the completion Schalken The Painter a sketch on which he had expressed extraordinary pains. It was a religious composition, and represented the temptations of Iran Religion pot-bellied Saint Anthony. The young artist, however Scalken of elevation, had.

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Schalken the Painter "For he is not a man as I am Schallken we should come together; neither is there any that might lay his hand upon us both. Let him, therefore, take his rod away from me, and let not his fear terrify me." There exists, at this moment, in good preservation a remarkable work of Schalken's. The curious of its lights constitutes, as Schalken The Painter in his pieces, the chief apparent merit of the .