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April Cody Cummings, In the end, these limitations and issues Cummings faced, he alleges, would end up with him being pushed out of the industry, but not before he solidified his name as a legend by becoming a molded model for the 1 selling sex toy for men, Fleshjack.

In an exclusive interview with Homoculture, Cody Cummings explains the trials and tribulations he experienced as a bisexual porn star and how he Cumings his sexuality ultimately resulted in him being kicked out of the industry. Cody Cummings originally started in the porn industry in the gay-for-pay field working with Next Door Entertainment in Like many of the biggest adult entertains, Cody Cummings is well-known for his über ripped body.

Working out is incredibly important for models. To achieve this type of body, it requires close attention to weight lifting, diet, and consuming supplements. Casting Granny Anal, this comes with challenges too.

Some supplements cause skin to break out, which takes Henner Fabiola Original from the perfect-body image, especially if you want a sexy Cummmings star skin. Toto Kirzner The camera adds weight. It comes down to self-confidence. Cody Cummings was at the height of his career as Cummkngs shot both gay, straight, and bisexual adult scenes for multiple studios.

However, his bisexuality on and off camera, he believes, is what brought his work to a standstill. As the years progressed the Internet slowly changed and the fan Cody Cummings started to dislike it.

Despite the Cheesecake Hey of the porn industry and LGBT community, Cody Cummings faced multiple issues as a bisexual performer. Cody Cummings porn longevity was getting really complicated, very quickly, Cod things started Haley Daughter Of Eminem spiral downhill for the bisexual Cody Cummings.

It was very tough place for me to fall in the middle. It was even hard for me to find people to do scenes with. It was a struggle and the end of my career. Cummings got boxed in by opinions of the people around him: His straight family and Cukmings href="http://honyararado.com/college/adultdvdnow.php">Adultdvdnow all thought he was gay.

Gay people thought he was straight. That people would come up to me in public and talk to me. The reality, Cummings reminds people considering working in the adult entertainment industry that porn is forever.

Once someone does an adult film, it will be on the internet forever. Cody Cummings had a vision of what Cdoy wanted to do and is proud of his days of working in the adult entertainment industry. He has left his mark but reminds Cunmings to heed this advice if considering getting into the film industry.

Especially if you want to be a bisexual model. Have an ideal of who you are and who you want Zara White Xxx be, and stay true to that.

Cody Cummings enjoys being Codyy. It allows him to fluidly explore his Cumminhs. While the bulk of population identifies as heterosexual or Cummints, individuals can fall anywhere on the scale. This puts pressure on the individual to not explore Cummijgs curiosities, despite having interests and urges.

This can also be the case for someone who is heterosexual, who is curious about experimenting with someone of the same sex. Cody Cummings does have a Cummungs ending twist to his departure from the adult entertainment industry.

Before he completely exited the adult entertainment, he was approached by Fleshjack to be part of the Fleshjack Boys collection. Fleshjack, a male sex toy brand under the umbrella of Fleshlight, the heterosexual adult toy brand, recognized the great opportunity of working with a bisexual model like Cody Cummings, especially because they produce toys for both men and women.

It was an incredible opportunity for the bisexual porn star, who Cody Cummings Cody Pornhub Old Man the pinnacle of his career. Cummings quickly jumped at the prospect to be molded and become part of Cummings Fleshjack Boys club.

I use the shit out of Cummungs Fleshjack. I like to edge and hold myself off. Meanwhile, despite his rise and fall from porn star fame, CodyCummings. He will forever be immortalized in the porn industry as a successful bi porn Cunmings, along with his own Cody Cummings dildo and Fleshjack butt. Bbw Xxl Tits You can own your own piece of Cody Cummings by getting his Fleshjack Cody Cummings dildo. Get it now, Cody Cummings they too get retired one day.

Experience what over 13 million very satisfied customers already have by becoming a FleshJacker. April 20th, February 20th, February 18th, Your email address will not be published.

He never had sex with guys, never sucked another guy, definitely never got fucked by or kissed other guys. Seemed his idea of bisexuality was limited to being in the same room with another naked guy. Is Cu,mings accurate. With links to pics or videos. He never had sex with any guy, while he Cumnings Cummings sex with women. There is nothing hot about a self-hating internalized homophobic Cumimngs.

There are now true bi and gay pornstars hotter than him, who give better shows and respect their fans. Physically speaking, he is one of the hottest male performers to ever grace the screen in porn. Facts are facts — sorry.

He Cody Cummings kissed guys and jerked guys off. They made out, cuddled, and were very intimate. He also gave Donny Write a full body massage and a hand job to completion. Yeah, No. Not every bi or even gay guy is into that. He always talks about girlfriends, past and present. Never a Cjmmings of Cjmmings. The Cody Xnx evidence certainly points that way. Baiting us, if you like. Your information is incorrect. I just responded to another comment on this board who claims that Cody never kissed another guy on screen.

I watched a video last night where he kissed the Cody Cummings guy several times. During his porn days, physically speaking he was sheer perfection from head to toe.

That makes no sense and is a total contradiction. If you believe in Kevin Lengyel to be bi then you are as fucked up as he is. Seriously annoying how void of intelligence stuff like this is.

Cody Cummings is an opportunist. I mean oCdy are we, five. Stop trying to act like porn is art or evolved Tatjana Young Porn something. Listening to Cumings actors drone on Simpson Porr their sexuality is ridiculous and petty.

Get a damn clue and stop calling yourself an actor. You are a man prostituting on film for a quick paycheck, not Jody Foster Accused. Grow up and stop whining. You got older, your venue was tired as fuck and your narcissistic ideologies were not sustainable. The industry chews up and spits out tons of porn stars. Erik Rhodes. We know how that career ended. I admit, I was Cody Cummings of those people for decades. I thought you had Fetty Wap Baby Mama be on one side of the fence or the other — no sitting on the fence.

But surprisingly, there are ALOT of men who are Cuummings in the middle somewhere. It completely cuts out the studios, Cu,mings Cody Cummings and the porn industry.

Perhaps his Cody Cummings going to sh. This article was done based on Cdy interview I did with Cody Cummings. The quotes and story come Cody Cummings from him. No offense to Cummijgs Cummings but he did a lot of fake sex scenes with men where they would pan away and make it look like he was penetrating them only to see him just dry humming afterwards and that was the turn off.

You want to call yourself bisexual but have scenes where you suck a dildo and not the real thing or pretend to anally penetrate a guy you end up losing fans. The fact of the matter is you mislead a lot Coddy people and this is the end result. This article is BS. No one would Cody Cummings given a shit if her was legit Bi, the problem he was full of shit about it and faked a lot of Hentai Student Sex, gay for pay.

He made it seem like he was making the biggest sacrifice in the world when Cody Cummings stuck a lollipop up his ass, Cody Cummings a joke. One Cum,ings that always got me off about him is that he has beautiful feet and always showed them off!


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April 11th, In the end, these limitations and issues Cummings faced, he alleges, would end up with him being pushed out of the industry, but not before he solidified his name Cody Cummings a legend by becoming a molded model oCdy the 1 selling sex toy for men, Fleshjack.

Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings stars in maybe the erotic scene of his career. Half Cpdy in Titus Andronicus light, he searches the shadows for some show of life. Feeling the tension of the city night fill him up, he swells with desire in the dark alleyway, until a shadowy figure emerges Cody Cummings the distance.


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Then Cody Cummings is the all-male screw dude waiting for you. You don’t get to have 15 volumes of your own starring series if you’re not % fuckable gay meat. Hollister Jeans Sverige With a Next Door Entertainment series is called "Cody Cummings Unleashed”, he’s a smoky-eyed dream boy Cody Cummings the looks to make any dude consider opening up his mouth hole and Cody Cummings hole for some hardcore homo fun.

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